African Renaissance Monument, Dakar

How had I not heard about this new colossus?

The African Renaissance Monument (French: Le Monument de la Renaissance africaine) is a 49m tall bronze statue ….

Originally scheduled for completion in December 2009, delays stretched into early 2010, and the formal dedication occurred on 4 April 2010, Senegal’s “National Day“, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence from France. It is the tallest statue in Africa. …

… depicts a family group emerging from a mountaintop: a full-length statue of a young woman, a man, and held aloft on the man’s raised left arm, a child resolutely pointing west towards the sea. …

… opposition leaders have also questioned the style of the project, labeling it “Stalinist”, while others say that the body shapes are not African. Local imams argue that a statue depicting a human figure is idolatrous, and object to the perceived immodesty of the semi-nude male and female figures.

If Africa is to move forward, don’t we need World Class inspiration?

Personally, I think it’s fantastic. And should be included in the list of best monuments in the world.

More photos on flickr.

2 thoughts on “African Renaissance Monument, Dakar

  1. I love that set of pictures. The first few capture the grandure and scale of the monument, and then the last one captures sub-Saharan Africa, just as I remember it.

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