new – Photos for Mac

I use iPhoto for Mac uploading the best pics to a Flickr Pro account.

iPhoto is pretty crappy, but the alternatives were worse, so far as I was concerned.

Happily, the new Apple photo management app is getting good reviews. I can hardly wait. I may even turn iCloud back on when it arrives.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Apple – Photos for OS X


testing Nikon Coolpix L830

New camera. Here’s how video looks edited in iMovie 10 on Yosemite.

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Here are low resolution pics for the web.

very low light

very low light



at 34x zoom on a tripod

at maximum 34x zoom on a tripod

no zoom

no zoom

Click over to flickr to see those at highest resolution.

So far, I’m liking the Coolpix 830.  Powered by 4 (replaceable) AA batteries. Good for longer hiking trips.

best iPhone podcasting app?

Apple invented and popularized podcasting. But they’ve never been very keen. Not enough profit. Most podcasts are free, you see.

imore just posted an overview article – Best podcast apps for iPhone

best iPhone podcast apps

I assumed one of the dedicated 3rd party apps MUST be superior to the much criticized Podcasts app that comes with the new iPhones by default.

So … I tried two of the top recommendations:


Sadly, I couldn’t see enough advantage over the default Apple software. So I’m sticking with iTunes.

iTunes 12 Yosemite is not nearly as bad as I thought at first glance. :-)

related – Examining iTunes 12’s New Interface

MacBook 13-inch Pro retina – a review

So far I’m loving it.

The retina monitor (227 pixels/inch) is a huge upgrade.

I REALLY love setting the display to “Larger Text”, making everything larger on screen. Unfortunately some apps don’t fit on to that screen so I switch, now and again, back to the standard retina display.

New this Pro is very snappy.

I paid CDN$1406 (US$1132) including tax after a trade-in, an old computer that barely worked. It’s CDN$1599 new with 256GB flash memory. (Flash costs about $1/GB these days.)

The Yosemite operating system is a big improvement, especially Spotlight search.

Compare Apple laptops. (Jan 2015)


I’m recommending the Pro for power users (video or photo editing, blogging, etc.), the less expensive Air for everyone else.

Microsoft HoloLens – this is the future

I was tempted to jump to Microsoft after seeing the Surface 3 and Windows phones. But opted to buy a new MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch) with Yosemite. I’m half way through a 5 year project editing video in iMovie 11. I want to stick with the same simple software.

Loving the Pro. Especially the Retina monitor.

But if Microsoft HoloLens is one third as cool as this promo video, my next computer will be Windows.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Washable – Microsoft’s HoloLens: Wireless virtual reality that looks ready for the masses

Wired – Our Exclusive Hands-On With Microsoft’s Unbelievable New Holographic Goggles

my NEXT laptop?

I’ve decided to stick with Apple for at least one more machine.

I’m getting close to the BUY date. So far, it looks much like my current laptop:

13″ Air – June 2013 or later with Haswell CPU. 256GB minimum. 8GB memory.

Refurbished I see it at CDN$1100. I’ll look for the best deal on an older model.


I wish the successor to Haswell, the Broadwell chip, was coming soon. But it looks to be mid-2015 at earliest. Apple might even wait for the Intel’s chip after that, code named Skylake.

Can’t wait that long.

Wirecutter review – Oct 2014