German Universities now tuition free

Though Germany is a fiscally conservative nation, they’ve decided to invest in students. Education is the future.

All German universities will be free of tuition starting 2014.

free tuition Germany

More equal access to all citizens. The rich are less advantaged than in the past.

How does the tax burden compare with the most expensive nation?

Germany – 39.90%
USA – 22.70%

These tax rates apply to single people with no children, on an average salary for their country.

split the USA into 2 nations?

Quebec has twice had a referendum on whether to split from Canada.

The proposal was to have a primarily French Canada and a primarily English Canada. Some regions – First Nations, for example – would decide which to join.

There are pros and cons to a separate French Canada.

There are pros and cons to dividing the USA, as well. It wouldn’t be easy, but WHAT IF you suddenly had a Red USA and a Blue USA. The other coloured States would have a referendum as to which they want to join.


Texans might vote to form a 3rd nation.

At any time, a State might vote to move from Blue to Red, or Red to Blue.

Personally, I feel it is an insanely stupid idea where almost everyone would be worse off in a very few years.