John Oliver on the Wealth Gap

It’s obvious that the American wealth gap cannot keep increasing forever.

The poor may rise up. The rich could flee to secure compounds. … Or something else will happen to start closing that insane, unsustainable disparity.

I’ve followed the issue. But this comedian has some factoids new to me.

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Kolorblynd presents ‘Tolerance’

A funny commentary on race relations in 2014. :-)

Moanin’ Sons … anthemic, topical slow-jam ‘Tolerance’ live in the studio, on Cable Access TV program ‘Kolorblynd.’ Feel the love! Or not…

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Directed by Dean Kalyan
Edited by Zia Kalyan

John Oliver on Net Neutrality

The funny man actually explains the issue better than anyone else.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Profanity.

96% of Americans have only 1 or 2 internet providers. For now. That will get worse since the American government has no incentive to protect consumers. Expect even less competition in future. Slower speeds and higher prices than the best of the rest of the world.