farewell David Letterman

Late Show with David Letterman debuted on August 30, 1993

I was an early fan.

Click PLAY or watch his Velcro Suit on YouTube.

Ron Shewchuk and I liked how he revered the trivial. And trivialized the famous.

Jessica Winter was a bigger fan:

David Letterman Raised Me

His subversive comedy transformed the entertainment landscape—and made me who I am today.

But it’s been decades since I’ve been able to muster enough interest to watch more than a Top 10 list.

I’ll certainly be following the Late Show with Stephen Colbert starting September 8, 2015. But I’m assuming my interest will dwindle quickly. Unscripted celebrity interviews are like torture.

comedian Scott Vrooman for Canadian Senate

Any comedian is better than the entitled, unelected Senators we have now. :-)


Click PLAY or watch his campaign launch on YouTube.

Most Canadians support either abolished or reformed Senate: poll:

About 41% of Canadians would support abolishing the Senate, Ottawa’s greatest wellspring of gossip, scandal and outrage. Another 45% want it reformed, while only 14% think it should be left as it is, according to an Angus Reid Institute poll.

I want it abolished. Only the NDP is calling for abolishment.