calling BS on Obama

I’m disappointed that Obama has done so little to try to fix the American deficit and debt.

Has his Presidency been “marked by cool calculation and risk-aversion” … Or has he been gutless?

You could argue it both ways.

I was the first person I knew to suggest that the relatively unknown, inexperienced Barack Obama could be President. (The internet loved him.)

AND the first of his boosters I knew to declare he couldn’t possibly win reelection.

But who’s going to beat him?

Economist – A rival for the president

Obama’s advisers would be gleeful to campaign against Sarah Palin.

Huckabee is Sarah Palin without the charisma. And is a lying lowlife, to boot, I’ve just learned.

… Perhaps the strategy for the Democrats is to do nothing until the election, then try to start fixing the American debt and deficit in the second term.

KFC – Quadruple Down sandwich

I couldn’t resist.

… two thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken filets (Original Recipe® or Grilled), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and Colonel’s Sauce. …

It’s as disgustingly delicious as it looks!

… the sodium content is high — a whopping 1,380 milligrams — more than a half-teaspoon’s worth of salt. For comparison’s sake, the American Heart Association recommends people eat less than 1,500 mg of sodium in an entire day.

Considering the rising consciousness on healthy eating — from rules that will require calorie counts on menus nationwide to Jamie Oliver teaching kids in West Virginia to make better food choices — it was pretty gutsy of KFC to market a product that sandwiches bacon and mayo-based sauce between two pieces of fried chicken.

Still, KFC’s new creation might surprise you a little on the nutritional front. At 540 calories, the Double Down, though not exactly a dieting food, is 90 calories lighter than McDonald’s Premium Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich. …

NPR – The Nutritional Lowdown On KFC’s Double Down

UPDATE – Is it really 540 calories? Or more like 1190 calories?

This crime against humanity will not be sold in Canada. America’s rank as the most obese major nation is safe, for now.

And just in case Wendy’s wants to challenge, KFC has this “sandwich” in the lab …

(via This is why you’re Fat)

definition: foolscap

When we were kids we called 3-hole-punched, lined paper “foolscap”.

But I never knew why.

Foolscap folio (commonly contracted to foolscap or folio) is paper cut to the size of 8.5 by 13 inches (215.9 mm × 330.2 mm). This was a traditional paper size used in Europe and the Commonwealth, before the adoption of the international standard A4 paper (the most common standard size outside the United States and Canada). Foolscap is a common size for ring binders/lever arch files used to hold A4 paper as it is slightly larger than A4 and offers greater protection to the edge of the pages.

A full foolscap paper sheet is 17 by 13.5 inches (431.8 mm × 342.9 mm) in size, and a folio sheet of any type is half the standard sheet size. Foolscap was named after the fool’s caps and bells watermark commonly used from the fifteenth century onwards on paper of these dimensions] or a subdivision of this into halves, quarters and so on. The earliest example of such paper that is firmly dated was made in Germany in 1479.

kinds of foolscap

fastest way to learn a new language

Masons got Rosetta Stone software for Christmas. We’ve been learning French every day since.

Here’s one of their TV commercials.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Rosetta Stone is interactive language learning software that teaches a new language by immersion, rather than translation and memorization drills. Learn more

It works. It’s painless. Easy. Almost fun.

But it’s not cheap. Over $200 just to get started. Almost $500 for the complete French kit.

Rosetta Stone

what do you know about Bangladesh?

I thought I was “worldly”, … yet I knew almost nothing about Bangladesh before going there as a volunteer this Fall.


The first thing people talk about in the capital Dhaka, is the traffic.

You might average 20km/hr. Walking is sometimes faster.

Actually, if you can get off the road, the countryside is green and lush. It’s one giant flood plain.

Bangladesh is a fast growing economy (growth 6-7%/yr), devoutly Muslim … but with few security problems. The nation is focused on economic growth, looking to bring millions out of poverty. Agriculture and clothing manufacture are the main industries.

It’s surprisingly progressive, the first Muslim-majority country to establish an all-women United Nations peacekeeping force. They have a woman Prime Minister.

Instead of blaming problems on the U.S.A. as a distraction, leaders in Bangladesh are “seeking five billion dollars of foreign investment for power and gas projects to end a chronic energy crisis”.

I think they’ll get 5-10 billion. Bangladesh is a good long term investment.

Happy Victory Day, Bangladesh!

Bangladesh celebrated Victory Day Wednesday, heralded by a 21 cannon salute that rang through the capital at dawn, while the president laid a wreath at the National Memorial in Savar to commemorate those who gave their lives for independence.

On this day in 1971, the Pakistan army surrendered to the allied forces of Bangladesh and India at Ramna Racecourse Maidan in Dhaka, ending the painful nine-month war that saw a new nation emerge.

National Parliament building (Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban)

more Bangladesh photos