94% Of Users Don’t Like Facebook Redesign

TechCrunch – Facebook Poll: 94% Of Users Don’t Like Redesign


I love it.

And, luckily for me, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn’t listening to the haters. Because he doesn’t have to, he’s told employees.

Scoble agrees with him.

The new Facebook is now a logical, clean, easy-to-filter, river of news. The old Facebook a confusing jumble of random features.

(Everyone needs to remove the posts of those friends they don’t actually want to hear about, of course. That couldn’t be easier — simply click on the small X on the right hand side of any of their posts.)

2 thoughts on “94% Of Users Don’t Like Facebook Redesign

  1. Dana

    Why do you like it?
    I agree with the haters – just preferred the former (actually the one before that in fact)
    I am curious why you like it – maybe I am missing something!

    1. The new Facebook default is every post from every friend in chronological order.


      If it’s too much information, I simply click HIDE on some of my friends.

      I can filter the stream of posts to show photo, videos, links, etc. only.
      Usually I scan them all.

      In the old Facebook I only got SOME of the friend posts. The interface was cluttered with all sorts of stuff I didn’t want.

      It was a mess.

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