Rockin’ Ronnie barbecue matador

Katest latest.

Kate’s mocking her husband taking all the credit for the fantastic meals they prepare.

What a surprising twist on her usual comedic theme!

… It will be no ORDINARY main course. Men’s main courses are never ordinary. If they were, men would not cheapen themselves by preparing them. They would rather not participate in the dinner party at all than prepare something ordinary, or worst of all, vegetarian.

This extraordinary main course will require the death of an animal, perhaps the fiercest of animals. …

The Old Man and the Beef


flickr – ewanr – larger version

3 thoughts on “Rockin’ Ronnie barbecue matador

  1. Tracy

    Hey, what happened to your I went to check out (which I have to admit I do daily!?) and it is GONE!! Is it coming back?

  2. Ron Shewchuk

    Not really Kate’s latest – she wrote that 15 years ago, but it’s still fresh as today’s headlines!

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