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Apple frustrations with .MTS video files

grrrr … 😦

Every once in a while I try to edit video in the .MTS format on my MacBook with the built-in free software iMovie.

Sometimes it works. Most times not.

Lessons learned:

• on a Mac you can watch .MTS video using free, open source VLC software

• if you MUST edit, an excellent way to convert MTS files for Mac is using free, open source Handbrake software

details – Handbrake can convert MTS files for Mac

• if you MUST edit (and have money) higher end software like Final Cut does import .MTS

… first try using a cable directly to the camera, rather than simply the SD card via a card reader. That sometimes works.

If you’re an Apple person, best not purchase any camera that saves video in the MTS format. Check.

Lastly, I’ve ended up with some SD cards with old video files that cannot be deleted. For those it’s best simply to reformat using Apple Disk Utilities ERASE. The best format in 2012 seems to be exFAT — readable by almost all modern Windoze and Mac devices.

External Hard Drives should be formatted in exFAT, as well.

3 thoughts on “Apple frustrations with .MTS video files”

  1. Not only MACs, my Windows7 machines aren’t terribly happy either. I also rely on VLC, Handbrake and the software which is shipped with the camera. ACDSee still can’t handle the format, 3 or 4 years later. I am not impressed, having to download stuff from my SD cards twice, once for photos into ACDSee, and once for movies into the primitive software provided by Panasonic.. 😦

  2. ya MTS gave me night mare on mac, Cannon uses it and most good cameras uses this format, Apple does not support it, it works so well in Windows, MAC is just overrated. when upgrading to the version of mac, i lost a lot of software, there is not compatibility check in mac. While windows 8 upgrade clearly warns and does a good report on such issues. mac OS is total pos.

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