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Lance Armstrong: Cheating Scumbag

I wasn’t all that big a Tour de France fan.

Not like Dave Adlard.

Dave relates with and concurs with this missive from a real hero, Alastair Humphreys:

Lance Armstrong broke my heart. Or a tiny little bit of it, anyway. …

Then when Lance gave Ullrich “the look” on Alpe d’Huez on 2001 I was completely smitten. Shortly after that I set off to cycle round the world. I thought of Lance often. When I was struggling up long mountain passes I’d get up out of the saddle, give my imaginary opponents “the look” and put on a sprint. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Through all the years of allegations about Lance’s drug use I defended him strongly. I secretly suspected that he might be up to something. But I hoped -I really hoped- that he was clean. That he was the inspirational figure he always loudly proclaimed himself to be. He passed hundreds of tests. I wanted to believe. So I believed. I felt sorry for all the cynics. Sorry they couldn’t believe in miracles. …

The only regret Lance Armstrong appears to feel, since he was left with no option but to admit to having cheated in every single one of his Tour victories, is that he got caught.

Cheating was one thing. Showing no remorse is another. …

Lance Armstrong: Cheating Scumbag

All true.

But I have to add the usual disclaimer. The Cheating Scumbag is a superb athlete. I would love to have seen what he could have done without the drugs.

1 thought on “Lance Armstrong: Cheating Scumbag”

  1. I agree, Rick! I think, in a clean field, or possibly even in a few of the 7 tours he raced, despite what others were doing, he was good enough to win anyway. I loved watching him comeback and do well in triathlon as well… he was like a living icon that “old guys” can still do it!Americans are willing to forgive almost anything – especially athletes – if they truly appear contrite and apologize with feeling, heart, and a few tears, whether real or not, and he missed a great opportunity on Oprah. DA Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 22:11:18 +0000 To:

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