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Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry? Do you hate Gays?

The issue of Gay marriage is actually not very important to me. (Marriage is not important to me.)

But I do like to watch bigoted Tea Party types squirm. Love to see racists called out. Love it when regular voters want to ask Ted CruzDo you hate Gays?” 🙂

Gallup polling confirms that the number of Americans who believe homosexuality is “morally acceptable” is at an all-time high at just under 60 percent, up from around 40 in the early 2000s. This support is even more pronounced among millennials.

Modern Family

Mike Pence just lobbed a grenade into the Republican presidential field.

The Indiana governor’s religious freedom law has ignited yet another controversial culture war debate that has Republican contenders juggling awkward questions about issues they would just as soon not touch.

This time around, the policy issue isn’t same-sex marriage — it’s about nondiscrimination laws and whether they should accompany Religious Freedom Restoration Acts like the one just passed in Indiana.

But regardless, Republicans are getting pummeled over gay rights issues of all sorts — and face the familiar dilemma of whether a conservative stance that makes for good politics in a GOP primary will hurt them in a general election. …

Indiana law backs GOP hopefuls into a corner

It will hurt the GOP long term. This is a losing issue. Jeb Bush, at least, should have backtracked already.

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