Winter of the World by Ken Follett

The 5th in his series of historical novels. Each one better than the last, I’d say.

I’m keener on history as it approaches my own lifetime.

click for larger version

Winter of the World,  published 2012, is the second book in the Century Trilogy.

Revolving about a family saga that covers the interrelated experiences of American, Russian, German and British families during the 20th century.

The novel follows the second generation of those families, born to the main characters of the first novel, Fall of Giants, and is followed by a generation of those families in the third and final book in the series, Edge of Eternity. …

… the rise of Nazism, the ascent of Franco in Spain, the short-lived growth of British fascism, Action T4, the Battle of Moscow, the Blitz, the Normandy landings, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the development of the atom bomb, the fall of Berlin and many more. The families, spread across four countries, are related to each other though they themselves aren’t often aware of it. …

Always against war, this historical novel reminds me why. War is Hell.

I’ve already downloaded — free as an audio book from the Calgary Public Library —  Edge of Eternity

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