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should you fly WOW Airlines?

WOW air is an Icelandic low-cost carrier started 2012.  Every visitor I met there had flown WOW.

Summer of 2018 WOW had by far the cheapest flights Canada <> Europe. It only introduced North American destinations in 2016.

I’d heard plenty of customer complaints. Fares are low. But extras are expensive. Final costs are deceptively advertised.

For me it was great. I flew Toronto to Iceland (5 hours) and stayed over at no cost for 9 days.

  • CAD 8.99 – seat selection
  • CAD 69.61 – checking one bag
  • CAD 278.59 TOTAL including tax

I also bought a meal and drink for about $15.

That flight had no entertainment. No free drinks or snacks. They gave me grief that my one free carry-on was too large. WOW requires smaller size than other airlines.

I flew on to Glasgow.

  • CAD 259.66 TOTAL including tax. Checking one bag. AND one carry-on item.

I most often fly Air Transat Canada <> Europe. Toronto to Glasgow was running about CAD $1000 at the same time. The “free” stopover in Iceland worked perfectly for me. Most WOW flights stop in Iceland.

IF you want to stop in Iceland for a few days or more, WOW is ideal.

IF you travel light, WOW is very inexpensive.

IF you don’t care about extras like water, WOW is fine.

I’d definitely fly them again. But I’ll read the many confusing rules in advance.

WOW is far better than Ryan. Not nearly as good as EasyJet.

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