my FUN adventure race in Nepal

On arrival in Pokhara I noticed posters for the Cassanga Challenge, a multi sport adventure race.

I signed up for the 7.5 km cycling section followed by a 6 km road run ($10).

I rented a decent mountain bike for the day ($15).

As I did not attend orientation, I had no idea the entire 13.5km would be uphill towards the highest mountains in the world! 😕

Bike first.

I managed to ride past transition. Before switching to the run. Uphill.


I was one of the last — of those who finished. Here at the bridge.

Some expats decided to run back the 6km to transition. So I joined them. It was much easier downhill.

For paddling you needed to be experienced Class IV. Not me.

However, the put-in for paddling / transition was a lovely spot.

For my $10 entry fee I got the race, t-shirt and as much dal bhat and goat as I could eat.

Winners of the Men’s division Bike/Run:

1st Laxman Malla (Nepal)
2nd Himal Tamata (Nepal)
3rd Kamal Oli (Nepal)



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