Free Solo – my review

I’d avoided Free Solo as I hate to promote ANYTHING so dangerous.

In November 2014, Clif Bar announced that they would no longer sponsor Honnold, along with four other climbers, mostly free soloists. “We concluded that these forms of the sport are pushing boundaries and taking the element of risk to a place where we as a company are no longer willing to go,” the company wrote in an open letter.

That said, Free Solo is an excellent film. I ended up seeing it in Nepal.

Like my favourite climbing movie — Touching the Void — I was more interested in the people than the amazing feat of climbing.

Jimmy Chin. Tommy Caldwell.

I’d definitely rather spend time with Sanni McCandless, the girlfriend, than Alex Honnold.

But damn, they are a cute couple.

Alex says he’s “somewhere on the autism spectrum.”

I assume that’s what makes him so good at what he does. Alex himself says he’s not nearly the most talented climber on the mountain.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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