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Cycling Vancouver → Rockies day 1

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After nearly 4 months in Parksville, Vancouver Island, I finally made for the mainland.

Alarm 4:40am.

Dad dropped me in Nanaimo July 8th to catch the 6:05 ferry to Horseshoe Bay.

I’d started my long cycling adventure last year out of Nanaimo on July 3, 2019.

Rockin’ Ronnie picked me up and we headed for a Golf Course in Chilliwack that had been recommended. Can you tell he’s been living in dread Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, one of the first epicentres of COVID-19 in Canada?

Admire Ron’s hand-made plexiglass divider!

We had time to indulge in a big clubhouse brunch. I had classic bacon, eggs and coffee. Marble rye toast.

We hit the range. My practice swings were terrible, including a number of air balls. I hadn’t golfed in nearly a year.

Surprisingly I had a great round finishing with a score of about 98, which could have been worse if we hadn’t awarded gimme short puts. I had 1 Birdie, 3 pars. The best score of my life was 86 so this was a very good day.

Rockin’ scored 98, as well, and was pleased to be able to stay with me. 😀

Instead of hitting the 19th hole, Rockin’ pulled out some gourmet sandwiches. We ate outside the wedding podium.

I started my ride from the course — missing the worst of greater Vancouver — arriving Harrison Hot Springs in about 4 hours.

I used the lousy GREAT TRAIL app, sponsored by Keen, for navigation. The green line is the Great Trail.

It’s lousy, but better than any other of my apps at finding the Trans Canada Great Trail.

I’d ridden the Great Trail in the other direction last year … and was still surprised to recall how lovely and interesting this section.

Early evening I stopped to see if I might want to wild camp along the mighty Fraser River. Instantly swarmed by mosquitoes, I rode away quickly.

Typically there are very few biting insects on the Left Coast of Canada. This was weird.

Wanting to get away from the river, I detoured to Harrison Hot Springs — mainly because I’d never been there before.

Gabbed a camping spot at an RV Park. Cost for your motorhome is about $45 / night. I negotiated $35 cash, no receipt for my little tent.

Canadian campgrounds are the best in the world. But most charge a fixed price / site, which makes it costly for solo cyclists and hikers. In Germany last year they charge fixed price / person / night — so it was inexpensive for me.

Harrison Hot Springs’ greatest attraction is its titular springs, of course, but it also has the Ranger Station Public Art Gallery, a marina with jet boat tours of the lake available, a nine-hole golf course, and is the closest access to Sasquatch Provincial Park. …

The tourist trap was much bigger and more developed than I expected.

But in July following COVID-19, it wasn’t very busy, most of the licence plates from B.C.

Late in the evening I cycled the near deserted waterfront.  Harrison is an impressive lake!

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