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Rick McCharlesRick started emailing photos and travelogues in 1998. Warren Long first posted those on-line.

In 1999-2000 Rick got his own website & expanded his musings.

It was not until the Fall of 2005 that he finally moved everything over to RickMcCharles.com — in the standard blog format. There have been several themes used, over the years.

Increasingly Rick’s using it as a pulpit and a high horse. Rockin’ Ronnie claims he pontificates. And if Rockin’ makes a charge like that, you had better be The Pope.

Remember that this is a blog. It’s opinion, not journalism. We have no fact checkers nor lawyers. If you see a mistake we are happy to fix it. If you have a different opinion than Rick, he is happy to post it.

Most links open in the same window — but some links do open new windows, especially old sets of photos.

In 2006 Rick spun off content from this one to two other blogs:

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