CBC radio podcasts

A lifelong CBC 1 AM talk radio fan, I stopped listening when I switched to podcasts.

Happily, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is not ad-supported so they can easily make the same content archives available on-line. Check iTunes. They have recently added a number of shows including my favourite: Pop Culture: Definitely Not The Opera (DNTO).

CBC Radio Available in Podcast Form | MetaFilter


Leo Laporte

mugshotLeo is the friendly face of new technology. He translates geek speak into a language anyone can understand.

I can’t keep up with his many books, blogs, websites, radio shows, podcasts, TV bits and Vblogs.

His Leoville website is as good a place to start as any:

Leo Laporte Leoville | Main / Bio

podcast – Barbecue Secrets – Ron Shewchuk

Rockin’ Ronnie has done it. Posted his first audio podcast: interviews with barbecue experts, answers to listener questions, great recipes and useful tips and tricks.

You can find it in the Podcasts section of the iTunes music store. It’s free. You can subscribe to get future episodes.
Rockin' Ronnie - Barbecue Secrets - Barbecue Secrets

Ron Shewchuk on iTunes

But first check out his Barbecue Secrets podcast homepage. OPEN icon

where to get podcasts

Videos? Education? Travel? Food? Tech?

OK, mainly Tech.

Apple’s iTunes is your first stop. Think of iTunes as a convenient distribution jukebox. Though many podcasters have their own websites, iTunes makes finding new material easier than searching the whole web — just browse iTunes’ podcast categories to see what’s available.

Search for iTunes in at Google.com

More information from Wired magazine: get Wired

Want to become a podcaster?

Rockin’ Ronnie dreams of becoming a podcaster. Perhaps even a video podcaster. Always ahead of the trends, Ron posted a video clip last spring — called BSTV (Barbecue Secrets TV)

photo of AmandaAs another example, Ron bragged on AMANDA CONGDON, the anchor of a mock TV news report shot on a camcorder, edited on a laptop and posted on a blog called ROCKETBOOM, which now reaches more than 100,000 fans a day. Yowser!

I subscribed to her video podcast (vlog — video weblog) from the iTunes store immediately. Quite good, I thought.

One day everyone will have a blog. Everyone will be able to publish photos, music, video as easily as we can download them now.

Personalized content will be king.

TV Stardom on $20 a Day – New York Times

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TWIT logoDuring a lull I clicked on Podcasts in my itunes software. I had only a vague idea what they were.

The most popular podcast that day — TWIT (This Week in Technology) — updated me on what is hot in technology. The broadcast was taped live from Noonan’s Bar & Grill in Larkspur, CA.

Content? Is Skype worth $2.6 billion? Can Microsoft beat Adobe? And more.

Podcasts are cool. And they are here to stay. Like downloading feature radio broadcasts.

Check out TWIT at This Week in Technology