new Bolivian president cuts his own salary

The Bush speech writers will likely tone down the emphasis on democracy after Hamas got elected in Palestine and an extreme Socialist was elected in a Bolivian landslide.

Evo Morales, the first indigenous president of Bolivia, took immediate steps to make his mark. He should — the average Bolivian president remains in office less than a year!

It’s a brave gesture. But to me this looks like another chapter in the history of doomed socialist experiments.

Consider building tourism instead, Mr. Morales. Look to Peru. – Bolivian president gives teachers half his pay – Jan 27, 2006


health care – will it be there when you need it?

Unlike most every other Canadian, I think the solution to the dilemma is the free market. The much-maligned American way.

Sure the USA model is expensive now — but with time free enterprise should sort that out.

This article came as bad news to me:

America’s health-care crisis | Desperate measures |


Is Canada the least racist country?


People ask me about Canada when I travel. I always tell them that Canada is the least racist country I know.

More than half the citizens of Toronto and Vancouver are foreign born.

These days the economy is thriving so we need not look for someone to blame.

Canada is the only big industrialised country to notch up consistent surpluses both in its federal budgets and in its trade and current accounts. For five years it has had the G8’s fastest growth.

Canada now has the world’s second-biggest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia.

More in a recent Economist magazine article:

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