Is Canada the least racist country?


People ask me about Canada when I travel. I always tell them that Canada is the least racist country I know.

More than half the citizens of Toronto and Vancouver are foreign born.

These days the economy is thriving so we need not look for someone to blame.

Canada is the only big industrialised country to notch up consistent surpluses both in its federal budgets and in its trade and current accounts. For five years it has had the G8’s fastest growth.

Canada now has the world’s second-biggest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia.

More in a recent Economist magazine article:

Peace, order and rocky government |


photos – Liberia: Rubber republic

Good news from Africa?

Liberia has just elected a new president – Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Perhaps this war torn country can finally move forward.

BBC NEWS | In pictures | Liberia: Rubber republic

children in Liberia

Bono for Prime Minister

Canadians will soon go to the polls. We need to decide whether to give up on our current Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin.

I say farewell Paul.

When he came to power I felt Martin would be the best PM we ever had. An intelligent liberal-minded career politician. A fiscal conservative.

The economy is strong. His political opposition is weak.

Yet Paul Martin somehow snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Is Bono available?

The Globe and Mail: Bono ‘crushed’ by PM’s failure on foreign aid

corruption in Quebec?

Brault alleges Liberal government kickbacks

It was refreshing to read the direct testimony of the Montreal Ad executive naming names on who got what in the Liberal government.

No surprising memory lapses. He specified exact sums: C$1.2 million secretly paid to federal and Quebec Liberals, ostensibly in the cause of Canadian unity. In exchange, $23 million+ tax dollars went to his ad company, Groupaction.

Thanks Jean Brault. I appreciate your candor.

Now let the chips fall where they may.

In the long history of corruption in Francophone Canada, this is typical.