TWIT logoDuring a lull I clicked on Podcasts in my itunes software. I had only a vague idea what they were.

The most popular podcast that day — TWIT (This Week in Technology) — updated me on what is hot in technology. The broadcast was taped live from Noonan’s Bar & Grill in Larkspur, CA.

Content? Is Skype worth $2.6 billion? Can Microsoft beat Adobe? And more.

Podcasts are cool. And they are here to stay. Like downloading feature radio broadcasts.

Check out TWIT at This Week in Technology


SKYPE logoRockin’ hectored me into finally trying Skype, the much hyped VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Cool! It works, though far better with headphones.

Free long distance phone calls for anyone who downloads the also free Skype software. You PAY to call a non-Skype phone number.

Same week Skype was bought by Ebay for 2.6 billion! Skype has 54 million subscribers — 54,000,001 after I joined

Now Ebay owns an online phone company as well as an online bank (PayPal).

Google is building their own VOIP.

<a href=”http://www.skype.com/helloagain.html&#8221; SKYPE – the whole world can talk for free>

What is the best internet search engine?

Google.com, by far.

The two biggest challengers in 2005 are MSN & Yahoo — but compare the search results pages for any subject you know well. It is obvious that Google is far ahead.

If you need specialized searching, check Phil’s Search Engine.

I have used MSN’s hotmail for years. But is Google’s Gmail better?

Not quite yet, IMHO. But I have a Gmail address and can get you one. If you want to try it, email me.

Is email actually useful?

(Spelling? I am switching from e-mail to email from e-mail.)

A good businessman I know does not use email much, mainly relying on phone & face-to-face contact. His day is a series of meetings.

Face to face commitments are stronger. Communication is much more subtle and sophisticated.

All true.

Email is a fast, cheap, easy — but ultimately inferior to human contact.

Where is email most useful? Group mailing lists. It is the best way to keep large numbers of people in the loop.