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A great formula to hold an audience for your video podcast is to have an attractive female host.

In the “podisphere” (just heard the term), I like Amber, Amanda and little known Cali Lewis. (Cali’s tag line is “The Hottest Way to Get Your Gadget News”.)


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Amber McArthur | Amanda Congden | Cali Lewis

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video – Barbecue Secrets TV

rockin-2006.jpgRockin’ Ronnie has done it again.

He’s added very professional video to his barbecue podcast.

The best part is the name of the video podcast: BSTV (Barbecue Secrets TV)

You can check it out on Ron’s barbecue blog:

Barbecue Secrets

But it’s easier is to use iTunes. Search the Store under podcasts for “Barbecue Secrets” and click subscribe. It’s free.

where to get podcasts

Videos? Education? Travel? Food? Tech?

OK, mainly Tech.

Apple’s iTunes is your first stop. Think of iTunes as a convenient distribution jukebox. Though many podcasters have their own websites, iTunes makes finding new material easier than searching the whole web — just browse iTunes’ podcast categories to see what’s available.

Search for iTunes in at

More information from Wired magazine: get Wired

2007 – Year of the Widget ??


Widgets are gimmicky little computer programs that I almost never use.

They are novelties.

If 2006 was the Year of YouTube — and it was — then 2007 is the year of TV delivered on-line.

Of course we already have TV on-line. But in 2007 the general public will finally catch on in numbers.

It will only happen if on-line video and TV are effortlessly delivered to our existing televisions. That will happen in a big way in the coming year.

That big monthly payment you make for crappy cable TV is an attractive target for entrepreneurs.

If for some reason that glad revolution is delayed … then 2007 will be the year when RSS finally starts to catch on with the great unwashed.


Give me a break, Newsweek.

TIME magazine’s man of the year is “You” and if that is the case, then widget is a good way to express yourself. Newsweek is declaring 2007 “Year of the Widget.”

GigaOM » 2007, Year of the Widget

Want to become a podcaster?

Rockin’ Ronnie dreams of becoming a podcaster. Perhaps even a video podcaster. Always ahead of the trends, Ron posted a video clip last spring — called BSTV (Barbecue Secrets TV)

photo of AmandaAs another example, Ron bragged on AMANDA CONGDON, the anchor of a mock TV news report shot on a camcorder, edited on a laptop and posted on a blog called ROCKETBOOM, which now reaches more than 100,000 fans a day. Yowser!

I subscribed to her video podcast (vlog — video weblog) from the iTunes store immediately. Quite good, I thought.

One day everyone will have a blog. Everyone will be able to publish photos, music, video as easily as we can download them now.

Personalized content will be king.

TV Stardom on $20 a Day – New York Times

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