Is email actually useful?

(Spelling? I am switching from e-mail to email from e-mail.)

A good businessman I know does not use email much, mainly relying on phone & face-to-face contact. His day is a series of meetings.

Face to face commitments are stronger. Communication is much more subtle and sophisticated.

All true.

Email is a fast, cheap, easy — but ultimately inferior to human contact.

Where is email most useful? Group mailing lists. It is the best way to keep large numbers of people in the loop.


movies – Michael Moore

Michael Moore Hates AmericaIt is well worth renting Michael Moore Hates America, especially if you are a fan of Michael Moore.

Aside from The Daily Show, who else challenging the right wing in the USA has any clout?

Much as I appreciate Moore’s films, my respect for the multi-millionaire is much diminished. Moore‘s work cannot be called documentary.

The libertarian comedian Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) is by far the most intelligent voice in the film.