cycling and hiking – Beat Heim’s amazing website

I’ve seen most of the popular hiking website / blogs on internet.

Beat’s Heim’s site is the best.

Great maps, great photos. Extreme travels!

You need a high speed connection as his stuff is graphic intensive.

Beat Heim

More pics like this at


video – TV news from Florida

While taking me out on a kayak trip, Peter and Joyce Long were interviewed by a local news team regarding another looming ecological disaster. Polluting the the world’s largest limestone spring.

In the well-edited sound bites they represent cautious environmentalism.

Tiger Woods Learning Center

Tiger or Michael Jordan?

Who is the tougher competitor?

Image source.

If Tiger can stay at the top another decade or two, I’ll give him the nod.

But there’s always the chance Tiger will drop out of the tour to raise a family and concentrate on his charities.

TWLC, for example.

Recommended students are invited to a FREE after-school high tech facility in California. Many of the activities were added to the curriculum simply because that was what the kids wanted to do.

Needless to say, there is a golf school attached.

Check out the Tiger Woods Learning Center.

what is “social networking”?

MySpace is the largest site (has more pages) on the internet after Yahoo. The advertising potential of sites like MySpace have entrepreneurs drooling.

I hear the term Social Networking a lot of late. But what does it mean?

It refers to websites focused on getting people together who have common interests.

Connecting people with a common passion

Sounds good. I want to put together a social network of gymnastics coaches on a new site

I’m brainstorming the best way to put together if you have any suggestions.

Blog format? Wiki format?

Interactivity is key.

time to buy an external hard drive?

I am very happy with the external hard drive I got before Christmas. About that same time at least 4 friends all bought in to this technology. La Cie and Maxtor external drives are reliable, fairly easy to set up, fast enough to play video and are reasonably priced / gigabyte.

They include software to automate back-up if you are one of those who still do not back up your files.

Hard Drives Reviews by CNET.

golf – Ames wins The Players

AmesThe US$1.44 million prize money is great — but exemptions to future Majors earned may be even more valuable.

The Players Championship is considered the 5th major of the season. Ames dominated the last day of play — having almost a perfect round.

Born in Trinidad & Tobago, Stephen Ames became a Canadian citizen in 2003. He’s has lived in Calgary for many years since marrying Jodi, a local girl.

Ames is outspoken, even cocky. But fun to watch. He’s one of the most animated players on tour.