Internet Explorer 7

Are you using IE to read this page?

The NEW version #7 for Windows is now available for download from Microsoft.

Go for it. It is a huge improvement over the old version.

You need some time to try the dozens of new features, however.

I still feel Firefox is better. But I would use both browsers if I was forced to use a Windows machine.

(The new IE is not available for Apple. On Mac I use Safari 70% of the time, Firefox 30%.)


movies – 50 best independent films

City of GodSome completely unknown.

Empire’s 50 Greatest Independent Films

Of course the list includes the shocking Brazilian film “City of God”. It’s the most troubling film I have seen since “Kids”. Be warned.

conditioning – CrossFit exercises

CrossFit is an advanced strength and conditioning program used by police and military. It is popular with the martial arts community.

Firefighters, too, like CrossFit because it does not use weight machines, preferring free weights. They use many gymnastics exercises in which body weight provides the resistance.

Many video clips and photo sequences are linked from their exercises page:

CrossFit excercises list

log sit-up
team sit-up using a log for resistance

loyalty programs are dead to me

In general, I am loyal to merchants who have no loyalty program. I shop for groceries only at The Great Canadian Superstore in my town where I am not penalized for NOT having a loyalty card.

Safeway? Forget it!

“Air Miles?”

I’ve almost lost interest in airline frequent flyer programs as points become harder to get, harder to redeem.

Rewards programs are their own punishment – CNET reviews

video – what to do after a break-up

Rockin’ informed me that this video went nuts on YouTube last week.

A young woman assuages the pain of a break-up by playing with her computer. And telling hundreds of thousands of people about it on the internet.

Seems anyone can be Amanda Congden with YouTube.

She used only a Logitech’s Quickcam Orbit MP, which retails for about US$110. Suddenly, Logitech Webcams were among Amazon’s best-selling electronics items last Friday.

I thought the Taliban were bad …

Yesterday I heard about an 8-year-old boy who was yanked from school for sending a love note and (possibly) touching the “bottom” of an 8-year-old girl. That’s “sexual harassment”, Mister!

Today a 14-year-old girl pulled out of class because her highlights were “distracting to the educational process”.

As you can see, she is hideous. Her parents should be jailed, as well.

hair – Education – Straight-A Student Pulled From Class Over Hair Color