Rick’s favourite movies

To go along with my favourite books Page, I next added my favourite films.

Number 1 on the list?

The Godfather, what else.


hiking – the Hubba tent

Of all my hiking gear, the item I would rave about first is my Hubba.

This coffin-sized, 1-person sanctuary weighs (maximum) 3.5lbs (1.6kg) and yet is fully functioning protection. I wouldn’t trade it for a 1lb bivy or tarp.

Product details on the MSR Hubba at MEC.ca

new Bolivian president cuts his own salary

The Bush speech writers will likely tone down the emphasis on democracy after Hamas got elected in Palestine and an extreme Socialist was elected in a Bolivian landslide.

Evo Morales, the first indigenous president of Bolivia, took immediate steps to make his mark. He should — the average Bolivian president remains in office less than a year!

It’s a brave gesture. But to me this looks like another chapter in the history of doomed socialist experiments.

Consider building tourism instead, Mr. Morales. Look to Peru.

CNN.com – Bolivian president gives teachers half his pay – Jan 27, 2006

TV – Michael Palin on travel

Michael Palin

Palin became famous as one of the Monty Python comedians.

But I like him even better for his excellent travel series:

» Around the World in 80 Days (1989)

» Pole to Pole (1992)

» Irish Railway Journey: Derry to Kerry (1994)

» Full Circle (1997) circumnavigating the Pacific Ocean

» Hemingway Adventure (1999) retracing Ernest footsteps

» Sahara (2002)

» Himalaya (2004)

He is credited with a “Palin effect”, where places he visits immediately see increased tourism.

Michael Palin’s profile on Wikipedia.

get your robot dog while supplies last!

Sony was #1 in robot dogs manufacture.

No more.

After selling over 150,000 Aibos since launching the product in May 1999, Sony is calling it quits to concentrate on fewer product lines.

The robotic dogs sold for upwards of $2,000 each. They can dance, whimper, guard and play, developing personalities based on interaction with its owners.

One of these is now extinct:


Details & more photos on the makezine.com blog.