photos – hiking Colca Canyon, Peru

sunsetHiking the deepest canyons on Earth.

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travelogue – South American Explorer – Peru

Missed my flight to Peru, an inauspicious start.

But did eventually get to Lima, a polluted, frenetic and dangerous city hemmed in by impoverished shantytowns. …

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» Miraflores

corruption in Quebec?

Brault alleges Liberal government kickbacks

It was refreshing to read the direct testimony of the Montreal Ad executive naming names on who got what in the Liberal government.

No surprising memory lapses. He specified exact sums: C$1.2 million secretly paid to federal and Quebec Liberals, ostensibly in the cause of Canadian unity. In exchange, $23 million+ tax dollars went to his ad company, Groupaction.

Thanks Jean Brault. I appreciate your candor.

Now let the chips fall where they may.

In the long history of corruption in Francophone Canada, this is typical.

travelogue – Travel Expert

Departing last time to South America I arrived at the airport with no visa for Brazil. Air Canada scrambled to re-route me to Chile, same day.

I blamed the agent who neglected to inform when she booked me. (I did not mention that others had urged me to check on the visa requirements. What country would not greet ME with open arms, unannounced?)

This trip I arrived early at the airport April 5th. My charter had left on the 4th.

Darn. Gosh. Rats. …

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» hiking Choquequirau Trek, Peru

What is the best internet search engine?, by far.

The two biggest challengers in 2005 are MSN & Yahoo — but compare the search results pages for any subject you know well. It is obvious that Google is far ahead.

If you need specialized searching, check Phil’s Search Engine.

I have used MSN’s hotmail for years. But is Google’s Gmail better?

Not quite yet, IMHO. But I have a Gmail address and can get you one. If you want to try it, email me.