books – Anthony Daniels UPDATED

I must be the first to blog Anthony Daniels, an excellent though little-known British travel writer.

  • Coups & Cocaine, South America, 1986
  • Sweet Waist of America: Journeys around Guatemala, 1990
  • His 1992 book on Liberia, Africa is a shocker.

    Daniels interviewed the liberator Prince Y. Johnson, an insomniac psychopath who relished showing visiting Western journalists video footage torturing predecessor Master Sergeant Samuel Doe.

    The picture painted of Africa is searing.

    Yet Liberia is not the worst train wreck in Africa.

    Butchery, genocide, an economy ruined by stupidity, corruption & greed — this I can understand.

    But the biggest surprises came from tales told of well-meaning foreign aid gone horribly wrong. Some of the worst pain inflicted on the simple villagers of Africa was wrought by tall, smiling Scandinavians.

    Bono be warned.

    Monrovia Mon Amour: A Visit to Liberia


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    What is Web 2.0?

    To oversimplify, Web 1.0 was commerce. Web 2.0 is people.

    Increasingly online users generate or interact with content — blogs, podcasts, music, video — rather than simply consume it.

    The web rather than the desktop will be the dominant platform. Interactivity is key.

    I’m agree. These days I hardly ever open Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

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    Wired magazine: Are You Ready for Web 2.0?