Head-Smashed-In buffalo jump

First stop on a holiday down to Yellowstone and the Tetons was Head-Smashed-In.

This was my first time visiting this World Heritage Site though it is less than 2hrs from home.

For over 5000yrs tribes ran bison over a cliff here, one of the oldest, largest and best preserved buffalo jump’s known.

Fascinating and well run โ€” despite what Dana and other friends have to say.

ยป next travelogue post on this trip – Climbing Crowsnest Mountain

magazines are dead to me

In the late ’90s I scheduled one evening a week to browse magazines at the library.

A few years later I stopped as magazine content seemed old โ€” I had seen some of the stories on the internet. Google News, in particular, ruined magazines for me.

In 2006 I rely much less on Google News as most stories of interest I see a day or two earlier on one blog or another, delivered to me by my RSS feed reader. Google News should integrate quality blogs.

Robot soccer World Cup, Germany

RCfed_S.jpgFuturama is here!

Live commentary will be provided this year by robot colour commentators. (A big step up from Brian Williams, the human Canadian alternative.)

Japan is the team to beat in the humanoid category. Defending champions Germany in the four-legged tournament.

The goal for all good robots is to challenge and best the human World Cup champions by 2050.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Robot soccer World Cup kicks off

human vs. Robot – RoboCup.org

Germany Chancellor, video podcaster

250px-AMerkel.jpgAngela Merkel is the first world leader to video podcast. (If you don’t count Bin Ladin.)

Her first spot, in German only, was about the World Cup of Soccer.

Right now blogging is suddenly “cool”. Time for bandwagoneeers to hop on.

It’s a phase we saw during the adoption of email addresses 10-years-ago or so.

My theory is that everyone will have a blog one day. Everyone will be Master of All Media.