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Coal Now Too Expensive To Put In Christmas Stockings | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

coal in Christmas stocking


Christmas form letter

By accident Sandy sent me her form email Christmas letter:

book cover Dear _________(Rick),

I (we) are fine and have had a really good year with all of our

The Kid(s)(dog)(cat)(fish)(circle all that apply) are fine and excelling in
all areas of their lives.

We had a fabulous vacation in___________________. Really enjoyed the

Hope to visit you in_____________________. Let us know what dates work for

Take care and hoping to spend some quality time with you soon!!!!!!!


(sign above)

“free running”

Only the French could have come up with a sport this insane. You may have seen videos clips of youth in street clothes running, overcoming natural obstacles on the route with a variety of gymnastic and acrobatic moves including jumps & wall runs. It is an urban thing.

As usual, the recently maligned Wikipedia is the best reference on the web for anything interesting:

Parkour – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

David Belle, free runner

The wildest clip I have yet seen should be on this page, if you have high speed internet.

Doug Taylor pointed me to this building jumper video page.

good news – the RICH getting thinner

Now if only I could get rich …

Maybe after the Christmas pig-outs.

The WHO says “an escalating global epidemic of overweight and obesity — ‘globesity’ — is taking over many parts of the world”. But that Americans & Brits stopped ballooning in 2003.

‘Britain Is Winning Fight Against Flab’ – UK News Headlines – Life Style Extra

Online sales up 24% – UPDATE

Slowly but surely.

One day retail outlets will simply be showrooms where we test merchandise before we buy online.

Online retailing | Clicks, bricks and bargains |

I first saw this concept in a Tokyo electronics mall in 1991.

Wired magazine just opened a geek shop like this in New York.