punk music

I was happy to see Green Day American Idiot go to number 1 on iTunes in 2005. Punk is back.

I am the right age to have lived through the golden age of punk. Always liked it, always will.

Punk is angry young white men just as rap is angry young black men. (Avril is good, but being angry at boyfriends & Mondays is not quite punk.)

This revival is making many good punkish bands more prominent; American HiFi, Ataris, Jet, Blink 182, etc.

Bowling for Soup is my current favourite. Best music, worst name. This is a comedy novelty band perhaps, not true punk obviously.

But this music floats my boat when I need a lift.


George replied,

… the best punk group of all time is still SNFU (Edmonton band no less) and as far as current bands go you forgot Sum 41, and they are Canadian as well. Shame on you!


corruption in Quebec?

Brault alleges Liberal government kickbacks

It was refreshing to read the direct testimony of the Montreal Ad executive naming names on who got what in the Liberal government.

No surprising memory lapses. He specified exact sums: C$1.2 million secretly paid to federal and Quebec Liberals, ostensibly in the cause of Canadian unity. In exchange, $23 million+ tax dollars went to his ad company, Groupaction.

Thanks Jean Brault. I appreciate your candor.

Now let the chips fall where they may.

In the long history of corruption in Francophone Canada, this is typical.