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Perception, originally uploaded by *Ivan*.

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This was my test photo.

Cool! But at 500 pixels wide the default image is too wide for my blog. Hmmmm.

bad news – automatic flushing toilets

angry guyAt least half the automatic toilets do not work properly. And why do they not have a manual over-ride?

I recently had a bad experience: the toilet did not flush, the sink not turn on, and the auto blow dryer failed. OUCH.

These days I fear to step into a public washroom.

The Trouble with Technology: Automatic-flush Toilets

Thanks to the Calgary Flames


The season ended too early.

The Flames fizzled in game 7 at home and lost to Mighty Ducks from a city that hasn’t seen ice since the last ice age.

My Calgary Flames and their diehard fans are just now coming out of shock. Next phase is anger. It will be a while before many people think rationally.

This team and this city have the most enthusiastic fans in the league. After a good season, it’s a shame we did not go deeper into the play-offs.

From this fan — thanks for everything!

Wait’ll NEXT year.