photos – Warren Long

kids jumping

Warren loves digital photography.

Lately he has been posting hundreds of his photos on, the most popular photo hosting site.

Actually Flickr is a Canadian company, bought by Yahoo! for big bucks.

Free, easy registration is required to see photos on Flickr:

Flickr: Photos from Warren Long

photos – Sandra & Gregi Erni-Clegg

Gregi & SandraMy Swiss hiking buddy Gregi Erni got married last year. Congratulations!

He finally sent me photos of the nuptials.

All the best to Gregi and his Irish wife Sandra. They are living in Switzerland.

More photos of Gregi’s world on their website:

Sandra & Gregi Erni-Clegg ::::

photos – from the Longs in Florida

I will visit Peter & Joyce Long next Spring in the sunny state referred to by Homer Simpson as America’s Wang.

More & more families are putting together email or webpage Christmas letters — with a pictorial summary of the year.

I really enjoy them.

Season’s Greetings from the Longs (with photos)

30 years of personal computer market share figures

Interesting long article explaining why almost everyone today suffers from Windows monopoly malady. How did the worst operating system get entrenched on your computer?


Check the link below for the blow by blow.

Total share: 30 years of personal computer market share figures : Page 1

photos – Christmas pageant 2005

I do not own any children myself, but they sure are cute. They have to be. Otherwise kids would not survive to adulthood the ire of their parents at bedtime.

kids singing

Even the grumpiest Scrooge can’t help but get Christmasy at an elementary school Christmas pageant.

For more photos click the link: Christmas pageant 2005