Rick McCharles — Coach

With over 45 years experience in Head Coaching and leadership roles, Rick McCharles — from Calgary, Canada — is an enthusiast dedicated to the sport and activity of gymnastics.

A motivator and communicator, Rick fosters fun through hard work in the gym. He believes that gymnastics is the greatest sport in the world. His philosophy is to provide a safe gym sanctuary where all can work towards their potential, set and achieve goals, and get super fit.

Rick has a wealth of diverse coaching experience including Artistic gymnastics (men and women at club and University level), Trampoline, Power tumbling and more. He is an expert in recreational gymnastics, an expert in developmental gymnastics and a principle developing coach of a number of international gymnasts including 1992 Olympian Jennifer Wood and Olympic alternate Davide Bardana. Many of Rick’s athletes have received scholarships to Universities in Canada and the USA. He was for many years a Men’s International Judge.

Rick McCharles — Educator

Rick has a Bachelors in Physical Education and the highest level of certification as a sports coach in Canada. Many years a Master Course Conductor with Gymnastics Canada, Rick coaches the coaches across Canada in intensive week-long accreditation courses. He trains new clinicians as well and edits the best gymnastics coaching website on the internet:

The latest project is dedicated to non-competitive gymnastics:

Rick is an advocate of Gymnastics for life, running Adult Recreational Gymnastics programs for many years.

Rick has also been a contributing editor to many of Canada’s coach education guides. Currently he’s the video editor and an author for the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP). And he has lectured in Gymnastics at University of Saskatchewan.

Rick uses computer technology and the internet to help develop the sport.

He’s is a popular guest coach overseas.  He’s led major courses in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Sri Lanka, Trinidad, South Africa, Philippines, Cambodia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar and many more. He instructs FIG Olympic Solidarity courses, FIG Age Group Camps and the FIG Academy.

Rick McCharles — Builder

Rick McCharles is a builder; he has founded gymnastics clubs; designed competitive programs; worked as a volunteer in many Gymnastics Canada decision-making committees; planned major competitions; worked for regional Sports Governing Administration, and more.

He believes that the leaders of today are trustees of the future. The groundwork we fix today decides the quality of the program for years to come. We must consider the legacy we leave with every decision taken.

Rick was Head Coach of Can-Am. Photo 1997.

Rick was born in 1957 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is single, fit and healthy. Hobbies include the internet, fitness, hiking and the outdoors. Rick loves to travel.

Indeed, he’s traveled 70+ nations. And visits 20-30 gyms a year.

RickMcCharles {a}

Coaching video guru

21 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. I really appreciate the work of Rick Charles and i hope he can one day travel down to Africa so that we African gymnastics coach can benefit from his great idea and innovation,Moreover i will like to know more about rick work and if there is any course a African woman coach can attend to boost our coaching knowledge.

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  3. Jennifer Brophy

    I live in Calgary, AB and have a 5 year old son who loves gymnastics. He is small, very flexible and strong. Which gym club/coach would you best recommend?

    My g/f has the same question regarding her 8 year old. She would like a competitive program…

    Thank you very much in advance,

    Jennifer Brophy

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  7. Cindy

    Hi Rick im very excited to see you at our “meet the coach night” on sunday! 🙂 And i hope you can stay at our gym for a very long time, i’m excited for yourcoaching! 🙂

  8. Rachel

    Hi Rick,
    Rachel Russell here, one of Keith’s granddaughters. I’m currently living in Osaka, Japan … I caught the travel bug from my grandpa and decided it was time to shake it up a bit! I’ve had the great fortune to meet Mr. Shiro Tanaka here and he’s introduced me to many new people. Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s so neat to learn about all your travels and experiences. Your stories and way of life are inspiring!
    Thanks for the good reads,

  9. Tony

    Hi Rick,
    Tony from Nigeria, longest time, I am in South Africa now with Louis Furie for a gymnastics coaching licence course for one week, also I want to use this opportunity tell u that one of the gymnast teach, her mum works with the hight commission, and she wants to help bring back equipments from Canada, from your Gym or Turmble Track, I am oblige.

    1. Hello TONY.

      Glad to hear your were able to get to South Africa with Louis.

      I’ll be visiting South Africa gyms in February.

      PLEASE have your parent with the High Commission email me directly. She has my email address.

      All the BEST to you and the club.

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  11. Thembi

    Hi Rick,

    What an impressive track record you have under your belt.

    I live all the way in Botswana (a country in Southern Africa) and have a daughter who is a gymnastics enthusiast. Unfortunately for her, this is a sporting code that is grossly underdeveloped in my country and this means she cannot pursue her dream of becoming a gymnast.

    I would like to start a gymnastics local club but my biggest hurdle is the lack of people with the necessary skills to teach/coach gymnastics.

    Would you be so kind as to advise me on how I could possibly get a professional gymnastics coach.

    Kind Regards,


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