11 thoughts on “CONTACT”

  1. Rick;
    I am trying to find a site that shows gymnast bios and photo, on one page. “Gymforum” was a great site for this but is no more. Any ideas?

  2. hi rick i am aruna did you kno me my gymnast got silva meddai asian gymnastcs championship2008 thank for you coachin mathard

  3. Hi coach, how are you? I am kalam from BANGLADESH. Have you rememembered the days at BKSP in ‘Gymnastics Coaches’ Course 2009′. I still mise you.

    1. Dear Kalam

      Our daughter is a serious gymnast who is 10 years old and has been competing at the regional and national level in France for the last 5 years. In August, our family will move to Dhaka to take up new jobs for the next three years. Our daughter is very keen to continue with her training. As such, we would be grateful for any information about opportunities for her while in Bangladesh.

      Many thanks for your consideration of this request for information,

  4. Dear Coach McCharles,
    I am from New Delhi, India with a 7yr old daughter starting her training in gymnastics which she is passionate about.
    I have just written to you on your facebook page.
    Really need help and guidance.
    Would be very grateful for any help you can give.
    Ruma Malik

  5. Please mail me ur gymnastic coaching’s address if u have in Dhaka Bangladesh I want to join your coaching

    1. I live in Canada. It was a few years ago that I did a Coaching course for Bangladesh.

      You should look for a Gymnastics club in your area.

  6. Rick how r u My Dear yes rick i am from Bangladesh .gymnastics Coach as your student .Rick BKSP needs High performance gymnastics Coach can you arranged for us. if any body interested you told him contract Salary First time for six month And after than depend on his performance pls contract E-mail: bksp 1983@yahoo.com our web:www.bksp-bd.com

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