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An amazing place. I’d love to get back for more of this. And even more so Namibia.

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Reuters, Associated Press, BBC News

New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist, Axios, Quartz, BuzzFeed Investigations, New Yorker, Guardian, Politico, Bloomberg, Nature

I like Economist, BBC, Guardian, Axios and Politico best. CBC is pretty good too.

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Origin by Dan Brown – a review

Origin is a 2017 novel by American author Dan Brown and the fifth installment in his Robert Langdon series, following Angels & DemonsThe Da Vinci CodeThe Lost Symbol, and Inferno.

I’m a sucker for Tom Hanks, the Harvard University professor of religious iconology and symbology. 

Did enjoy the 4 proceeding books.

I like the exotic settings. The insights into history. The references to science.

Origin takes us to Spain. Bilbao and Barcelona.

People complain that Brown’s books are formulaic. This one follows the usual formula though the chase is not quite as convoluted.

My favourite character is Winston, a quantum-computer AI assistant, named after Winston Churchill. This book is tech heavy, another thing I enjoyed.

The plot is as grandiose as it gets:

Where do we come from?
…. Where are we going?

Those who hate Dan Brown will really hate this book. For those who enjoy the escapism … it may be his best yet.

I recommend the book. GoodReads has it at 3.94 / 5 as I post.


farewell Montreal

Three weeks in Montreal. World Gymnastics Championships 2017 and a week relaxing.

M Hostel gave me a deal. C$500 for 30 nights. It costs more than that for 14 nights at the usual rate. Two giant hot tubs on the roof.

Many mornings I ran old Montreal.

After my first stop of the day.

Slowest and least efficient Timmies in Canada, I’d say.

Mostly I wandered the downtown.

Mount Royal park is fantastic. I hadn’t been there for decades.

The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin

 Fifth Season is a 2015 science fantasy novel by N. K. Jemisin. It was awarded the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2016. It is the first volume in the Broken Earth series …

The Fifth Season takes place on a planet with a single supercontinent called the Stillness. Every few centuries, its inhabitants endure what they call a “Fifth Season” of catastrophic climate change …

Orogenes: People with the ability to control energy, particularly that of the earth (directly) and temperature (indirectly). They can cause and prevent earthquakes, and when angered can unintentionally kill living things …

Guardians: Warriors, hunters, and assassins tasked with controlling orogenes …

Stone eaters: Moving sculpture-like beings …

The Fifth Season is being adapted for television …

Jemisin won the Hugo two years in a row for this series. It’s getting rave reviews. But I found the plot too complicated. Precious inventiveness over proper storytelling. I’ve no plans to continue on to book 2.

In fact … I downloaded the new Dan Brown instead.