homeless downtown Montreal

I spent a few weeks this year near the Berri-UQAM Metro station on Rue Sainte-Catherine, heart of downtown Montreal. There are a LOT of homeless people. It reminds me of a major American city in that way.

One survey (Douglas Mental Health University / 800+ volunteers) counted 3,016 homeless in the city. 10% aboriginal. 10% immigrants. Veterans 6%.

Other guesstimates have been 10 times as high.

I was there during warmer months. During winter these folks need to find someplace heated.

A harsh and boring life, seems to me. They all seem to have cigarettes. Somehow.

Not sure what can be done to reduce the numbers. A guaranteed minimum income experiment — or new kids of free housing — could be tried.




New Balance 1260 v5

Having once again misplaced my indoor Gymnastics coaching shoes, I bought another pair at New Balance Montreal.

Ex$pen$ive at over C$200 including tax.

But I love New Balance 4E. It’s the widest I’ve found from any brand.

These days I want as much cushioning as I can get. This shoe is good for road and trail running. So far I’m happy with the purchase.


Scarlett Johansson digs older men

If there is one thing Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood has taught me it’s than gorgeous young starlets are attracted to older men.

Leading Men Age, But Their Love Interests Don’t (2013)

Tom Hanks is a bit of an outlier, I should point out.

Is this going to change any time soon?

I doubt it.

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The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi (2006)

I really enjoyed Old Man’s War (2005), the first book in the series.

Assumed the sequel would be not nearly as good.

Happily, I was wrong. Ghost Brigades is quite different. But just as good.

The Colonial Defense Forces (CDF) learn that one of their top consciousness transfer scientists, Charles Boutin, has turned traitor and sparked an unprecedented alliance between three other species to wipe out humanity. …

The CDF send a clone of the traitor to apprehend. After all, a clone knows him best.

It’s juvenile in one way, appealing to teenage boys. But quite complex in other ways. A believable alternative universe.

I plan to continue to books 3  and 4 –  The Last Colony (2007) and Zoe’s Tale (2008).

Blade Runner 2049

I liked it.

Far exceeded my expectations. I expected the plot to be confusing or non-existent. It was believable and entertaining. I did not guess the ending … even though Grace whispered it in my ear.

I saw it in 3D though the stunning apocalyptic visuals would be just as fascinating  without 3D on a big screen.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

It’s pretty sexist — as are most Hollywood scripts Seems guys like Harvey Weinstein are still insisting female actors be sex symbols.