“the knotted gun”

The sculpture Non-Violence is also known as “the knotted gun”. It was originally created as a memorial tribute to the legendary singer and songwriter John Lennon, after he was shot and killed outside his home in New York City on December 8, 1980.  …

Here are the final lyrics of his most famous song, “Imagine”:

“Imagine all the people living life in peace
You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I am not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one.”



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Dosa and Uthappam

My favourite two south Indian dishes are not all that easy to find in Canada.

Happily Shiv Bhavan Indian Restaurant opened a block away from my brother’s place in Glamorgan, Calgary. My old neighbourhood.

I ordered both my first meal there. To compare.


I’m not sure. Dosa is more impressive to look at. Uthappam tastier.

I’ll have to keep ordering both.

… bring you, the most authentic Indian food by recipes straight from the roots of south Indian villages. We call ourselves the “village” cuisine. Back in Indian villages, the food is made with ingredients that are made fresh from ground up. No artificial pre-packaged ingredients, no food color, no MSG …


giant kites in Parksville

Parksville, B.C. hosts one of the top 10 kite festivals in Canada.

Parksville Lions International Kite Festival
Jul 16, 2016 to Jul 17, 2016

Later in the summer I was cycling past surprised to see these monster kites down by the beach as part of no festival whatsoever. If one of these fell on your head, you’d be hurting.





The Good Wife – season 1

Many friends encouraged me to try this series. I finally got around to it.


The first season of The Good Wife (2009) received outstanding positive acclaim. On Rotten Tomatoes it holds an 85% certified fresh rating based on 20 reviews.

“Along with Julianna Margulies and a fine cast, the gripping drama The Good Wife, boasts hook-heavy plotlines torn from the headlines.”


Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma is superb.

Did she win an Emmy? NO ... don't tell me. I'm only on Season 1.
Did Archie win an Emmy? NO … don’t tell me. I’m only on Season 1.

The plot lines are tight. Interesting. Entertaining.

I’ll continue on to season 2.


Shibumi by Trevanian (1979)

Keith introduced me to Trevanian. He quickly became one of my favourite authors. For some reason I decided to reread his 4th book, my favourite.

Trevanian was a pseudonym for Rodney William Whitaker.

Shibumi is set in the 1970s and details the struggle between the “Mother Company”, a conspiracy of energy companies that secretly controls much of the western world, and a highly skilled assassin, Nicholaï Hel. …


The novel begins with Hel, retired in his late fifties in a small castle overlooking a village of the Haute-Soule, in the mountainous Northern Basque Country. He is an honorary member of the local Basque population, and his best friend among them is Beñat Le Cagot, a truculent Basque nationalist and bard, with whom he shares an immense love for freedom and an addiction to spelunking. …

It’s a book of philosophy disguised as a James-Bond-like spy novel. I highly recommend it.

Travanian died in 2005 age-74.

satoriTravanian’s daughter and literary executor, Alexandra Whitaker:

When it was first suggested to me that we should allow Trevanian’s characters from Shibumi to be used in a new novel written by someone else, I was not enthusiastic. …

Over the years many readers had expressed the hope that Trevanian would write another novel featuring Nicholai Hel, but he steadfastly refused, uninterested in covering the same ground twice. …

… Trevanian himself had not been against the idea when it was mooted to him some time before his death. While he had no desire to write about Nicholai Hel again himself, he was not hostile to the idea of Nicholai’s coming to life again — but only under certain conditions, of course. The character of Nicholai Hel — the aji of Nicholai Hel — must be respected, and the book must be of a quality that would not disappoint his readers.

The search for a writer began and led swiftly to Don Winslow, a talented thriller writer whose knowledge of the Orient, of military history and martial arts suited him admirably to the task. …


Satori (2012)

Sadly the only audio version is in German. Someday I may get around to reading the Kindle version.