Jack Reacher short stories

If you’ve read all Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books, know that there are also a number of short stories available.

I just finished Three Jack Reacher Novellas (with bonus Jack Reacher’s Rules)

Deep Down, Second Son, High Heat

Publication Order of Jack Reacher Short Stories

Second Son (2011) Description  Book  eBook
Deep Down (2012) Description  Book  eBook
High Heat (2013) Description  Book  eBook
Not a Drill (2014) Description  Book  eBook
Small Wars (2015) Description  Book  eBook

Publication Order of Jack Reacher Collections

No Middle Name (2017) Description  Book  eBook

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Jack Reacher’s Rules (2012)

the McCharles boys

With my brother Randy in town, Mom and Dad began telling us stories of our childhood. Some I’d never heard before.

A neighbour in Saskatoon called the police on Randy when he was 4-years-old.

Sounds like the brother on the left got in the least trouble. And he was cutest. 😀

The strap — school corporal punishment — was banned when I was in Jr. High School. I’d forgotten that Mr. Zemp, our hated Math teacher at A.E. Cross, was fired for continuing to hit children with a leather belt.

I never got the strap. Goodie, goodie … and lucky.

My Mom did get the strap once. My Dad says he got the strap all the time growing up in rough and tumble Timmons, Ontario.

One time the Shop teacher threw something at my Dad. He picked it up and threw it back at teacher. Yep, Dad was banned from Shop for the year. Scheduled Friday afternoons he went to the movies each week instead.


when Amazon sucks …

I love Amazon. Their model is the future of retail.

And Amazon almost always works. It’s amazing.

But when I recently bought a hiking guidebook it wouldn’t download to my Kindle Paperwhite. Weird.

Quite quickly Amazon responded. Confirming that they suck. ☹️

I washed out as a Drone pilot

After many, many hours trying to get my DJI Spark to work, I finally gave it to a friend.

It was too complicated. Too frustrating. 😩

The short battery life is another turnoff for me.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. … I never once got it to work.

If you are willing to give it a try, check the Amazon Prime sale July 16th.

DJI lowers prices on Spark and Mavic Pro drones during Amazon Prime Day

HELP … another Connelly book

I’m addicted.

This is one of the good ones. Both Harry Bosch and the Lincoln Lawyer.

One only wants to find the truth, the other reasonable doubt about the truth.

The Crossing (Harry Bosch, #18; Mickey Haller, #6; Harry Bosch Universe, #27) was published 2015.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

14th Harry Bosch novel – 9 Dragons

9 Dragons (2009) is the 14th novel in the Harry Bosch series … by American crime author Michael Connelly.

The novel is partly set in Hong Kong, where Bosch’s daughter Maddie and ex-wife Eleanor Wish live. The main plot involves Maddie being kidnapped by a Chinese Triad …

Still hooked, I immediately went on to The Crossing (2015).