Santaigo Food Markets tour

I consistently enjoy the “free” tours offered around the world.

This time I took the TOURS 4 TIPS itinerary in Santiago, Chile billed as “SANTIAGO OFFBEAT“.

We met in front of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Guides successful at working for tips are superb. Camillo has a degree in Sociology and excellent insight into the politics of his nation.


I called this tour EAT YOURSELF TO DEATH as you first tour some of the biggest and best food markets in South America … then finish at the largest cemetery in South America. (2.5 million souls)

We walked 3 different markets: fish & sea food, meat and then fruits & vegetables.

Some of the best inexpensive restaurants in Santiago are to be found here.

Mercado Central de Santiago

kilo strawberries less than $1.50

Our guide had 21 english speaking tourists in his group. I gave him US $15. Do the math.

Free tours are very profitable for a quality guide.


I’ll coddiwomple to Patagonia

Goodbye winter. Average temperature in Mendoza, Argentina in January is 26°C (79°F).

Did I hear something about Malbec

I fly to Santiago today. Looking for the best hiking and cycling I can find.

Coddiwomple (v.): to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination

I’m done with Mr. Robot

Season 3 is still getting great reviews.

Though I loved the previous seasons …  I’ve had enough.

The first half of season 3 was confusing and muddled. The actors are excellent … so I blame the script writers. They didn’t seem to know where they were going with Phase 2.

Season 3 improves through to the dramatic finale. But it’s not enough for this viewer.

The only actor I like more in season 3 than previous was Tyrell Wellick played by Martin Wallström.  So weird. So believable.

Mr. Robot has received critical acclaim and has been nominated for and won multiple awards.

But I’m not the only viewer fading on the series.


Season 4 has been green lit.

Mount Royal University library, Calgary

I’m a library aficionado visiting many around the world every year. My own city — Calgary — has offered some of the crappiest.

The University of Calgary modernized long after I’d finished my degree. I’ve only been there a few times. And the new Calgary Downtown Library will not open until  November 2018.

Happily the library most walkable for me has just gone ultra-modern. I love it.

The Riddell Library and Learning Centre (RLLC)  opened Sept 7th, 2017.

From treadmill desks to cubbies for catnaps, everything a student needs to feel learning-ready will be available …

Soundproofed project rooms allow users to record, edit and manipulate sound and video to create podcasts, music and media-rich presentations.

Visitors can take a break from research or end the day in the café or fireplace lounge. Group-use rooms will increase from three to 34. The number of student stations (or seats) will nearly triple from 650 to 1,800.

Currently, the library’s holdings include twice as many eBooks as print, and its collection of eJournals outnumbers print journals by about 80 to one. Balancing the collections is a matter of establishing a long-term strategy, says Shepstone. …


External community members may book Group Rooms in-person at the Service Desk.

I grabbed this one with a view of the Taylor Centre for Performing Arts.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Cool as it is, I actually prefer to work in an empty classroom. With blackboard for brainstorming. Most Universities lock them up when not in use, but MRU leaves them open.

Surprisingly every classroom still has an overhead projector. And they seem to be well used.

related – Rocky Ridge Library at Shane Homes YMCA opened January 15.

best breakup song …

Loving you
Isn’t the right thing to do …

You can go your own way
Go your own way
You can call it
Another lonely day …

Go Your Own Way

The song is about the complicated relationship that Buckingham and fellow Fleetwood Mac member Stevie Nicks were having. None of the members knew they were writing songs about each other until the album (Rumours) was released. …

It is ranked No. 120 on Rolling Stones list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.