travelogue – Back to Peru

We misunderestimated G.W. Bush.

He got elected for a second time. How is that even possible? 😦


Just booked my ticket back to Peru. Departing April 5th.

Here’s the plan so far:

  • April 5 – Jun 24 > hiking in the Andes
  • Jun 26 – July 4 > gymnastics camps, Idaho
  • July > Level 3 Tech coaching course, Calgary
  • July 18 – 29 > gymnastics camps, Okotoks

I could work August, or hike — perhaps in the USA. I would love to get to Burning Man in Nevada Aug 29 – Sept 5. (They burn the Man September 3rd.)

Peru may sound like a repeat holiday for Rick — but I need return to do more of the great hikes of South America that I missed last trip. It is research for my hiking website. 🙂

George Novak will be joining me for at least 5 weeks — hiking, biking, sand dune surfing & getting chased by bandits. The high point may be summer solstice at Cusco & Machu Picchu.


I have posted 4 South American hikes since New Years:

For the first time, I am making a serious attempt to build a revenue stream from these websites — the goal is $30 / day. Rick’s retirement fund. : )

So far I am at $3 / day so I have room to grow.

Half the income is from ads. Half from Google (don’t be evil) ads.

What else is new?

I helped my parents relocate to Parksville, B.C. from the family cabin in the Kootenays.

My folks moved for the weather & the fishing.

… Well, the fishing is great.

I remember fondly family vacations on the beach in Parksville when I was a kid. The tidal flats are huge.

In US$50 / gallon Calgary I moved back in with my second family, the Mason clan, which always finds me a bed & internet connection.

I eat leftovers & help referee their 3 sons.

houdiniHarry Houdini escape artist game

Kids are great — but a lot more expensive & troublesome than pets. Perhaps we should engineer a compromise. 🙂

The Masons moved to Cougar Ridge on the edge of the city to be walking distance from their private school — Waldorf.

Duffy is a great golfer, but his theories on education are controversial. Waldorf schools have actually banned the strap, relying on a truth & reconciliation circle in cases of bad discipline. The victim admits the criminal is not a bad person, only that he did a bad thing.

Then they move on.

I was a kid before there were play dates,

Were the Grammys lame this year or what? Should call them the Grannies.

Good ski year.

For now snug in the bosom of the Mason family hearth. Delivered by a forest green mini-van through the gaping maw of a cul-de-sac double garage.

A am agreed with Outside magazine’s 25 (Essential) Books for the Well-Read Explorer having read most of them. Some gutsy inclusions & omissions.

Let me know if you have job suggestions starting August 2005. It will have been a year. Time to get back to work.

And email if you can meet us in Peru this Spring.

For now snug in the bosom of the Mason family hearth. Delivered by a forest green mini-van through the gaping maw of a cul-de-sac double garage.



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