have a consumer complaint?

Who doesn’t? Especially on Boxing Day.

Who do I want to complain about first? Canon? Air Canada? Telus? Direct Buy (formerly UCC)?

One day consumers will be able to vent our wrath on lying corporate weasels. This website is a start:

Complaints.com – publicize and read consumer complaints

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

0 thoughts on “have a consumer complaint?”

  1. Hear Hear Ricardo! This is indeed a good start
    As a recent homebuyer who had to purchase literally everything to get started, I was horrified at the number of trips back to the store to:
    a) get a missing part
    b) get another of the item as the first one didn’t work
    c) return the item shortly after as the first one died
    d) return the item after the special cleaning product that the store sold me actually destroyed the machine

    Considering the general high cost of household products, it is astonishing to me, how these companies can get away with this! Consider this:
    many stores have fairly good “no hassle” return policies, but the fact that I have to return to the store in the first place is in itself is a MAJOR hassle!Time is money people! And I myself wish to spend my free time as I wish. If that means lying on the sofa watching Roseanne reruns, than that is it! Standing in line at Best Buy to return something – no thankyou, not fun!
    Cheers and Happy Boxing Day!

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