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Eddie Murphy – best yet to come?

For the most part, I feel Eddie is a super talent, wasted.

I’d probably like The Nutty Professor and Norbert. But I couldn’t bear to watch them.

But having seen Eddie interviewed on the excellent TV show Inside the Actor’s Studio, it dawned on me that his best movies are in the future.

I think he’ll be like Bill Murray. Another aging comic genius who has gotten even better in later years.

Certainly Murphy was amazing in Dreamgirls. He should have won the best supporting actor Oscar.

Dream Girls should open doors for him for more serious roles than as a donkey in Shrek.

Looking back at his career. …

Murphy was unbelievably good in the Saturday Night Live TV show. Fantastic in the first Beverly Hills Cop.

That about it, for me, until the painfully excellent acting he did in <a href=”Bowfinger with Steve Martin.

I love the premise of that movie!


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