whither the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation?

Big budget cuts announced for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

For many, many years I’d been a huge fan of their AM radio divison:

CBC Radio loses 121 jobs

About $14.4 million must come out of radio, leading to a reduction of 121 jobs, including 20 in Toronto.

Changes on Radio One include:

* Cancellations of The Inside Track, Outfront and The Point.
* Reduction of regional noon-hour programs to one hour.
* Reductions in drama.

CBC – CBC cuts hit news, drama, sports, radio

But since the introduction of podcasting, I very rarely listen to CBC AM radio.

About the only CBC content I listen to are these show podcasts:

  • The Inside Track
  • Definitely Not The Opera
  • The slashes managed to target one of my favourite shows. Too bad.

    Dana sent me a link to one petition – Save Canada’s National Broadcaster.


    I signed. But truth be told, I’m not all that worked up about it.

    The CBC website itself made it difficult for me to find any information on the “crisis”.

    That lack of ability to communicate is telling to me.

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