Whitechapel (TV series)

Whitechapel (TV series) detectives in London’s Whitechapel district deal with murders which replicated historical crimes.

The first series was broadcast in the UK on 2 February 2009 and depicted the search for a modern copycat killer replicating the murders of Jack the Ripper.

Phil Davis as D.S. Ray Miles (far left) is good.

But my favourite character is Steve Pemberton as Edward Buchan. He’s a student of famous London killers and consultant to the police.

There’s much to criticize. Especially the gawd awful video editing. Film students should study this show to see how NOT to do transitions from one scene to the next.

They should watch Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock Holmes to see that done well.

But there’s something entertaining about Whitechapel. … But I can’t explain what it is. 😀

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