Trump’s “America First”

The America First Committee (AFC) was the foremost United States non-interventionist pressure group against the American entry into World War II.

Started on September 4, 1940, it was dissolved on December 10, 1941, three days after the attack on Pearl Harbor …

Trump does not know history. But I can’t believe somebody didn’t let him know he was using the pacifist catch phrase.

“This is not ‘America First’”: Right wing rages at Trump over Syria strike


Museum of Natural History, Washington

Highest priority on my first visit to Washington DC was the Natural History museum.

Age-17 I visited the Deutsches Museum in Munich. And was blown away.

… the world’s largest museum of science and technology, with about 28,000 exhibited objects from 50 fields of science and technology. It receives about 1.5 million visitors per year. …

I recall many references at the Deutsches to the Smithsonian museum, adding the similarly famous American Museum of Natural History to my bucket list.

It was 40+ years but I did finally get to visit. And it is impressive.

It has free admission and is open 364 days a year. In 2016, with 7.1 million visitors, it was the fourth most visited museum in the world and the most visited natural-history museum in the world. …

It is also home to about 185 professional natural-history scientists — the largest group of scientists dedicated to the study of natural and cultural history in the world. …

One thing that surprised me is that the supposedly evil Republican financier David H. Koch has given the largest donations. He’s sponsored a new Dinosaur Hall. He already paid for the Hall of Human Origins.

Those Republicans who believe the earth is only 6000 years old can’t be happy with that. It covers thoroughly all theories of the 6 million years of evolution.

Another exhibit that surprised me displayed the Shoebill. How can I never have heard of this huge, weird bird?


The “Experience Economy”

Let’s say Amazon, Walmart and a few other competitors provide 90% of retail shopping in future.

What’s left for entrepreneurs?

Mike Elgin talked about the “Experience Economy” on TWIG (This Week in Google)

The term Experience Economy was first used in a 1998 article by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore describing the experience economy as the next economy following the agrarian economy, the industrial economy, and the most recent service economy. The concept had been previously researched by many authors. …

An early example is the book of Alvin Toffler, Future Shock, which Pine and Gilmore quote in their work.

In 1971, Toffler criticized how “economists have great difficulty imagining alternatives to communism and capitalism”, and how they could only envision the economy in the terms of scarcity of resources. He talked about the upcoming “experiential industry”, in which people in the “future”, would be willing to allocate high percentages of their salaries to live amazing experiences.

Mike feels selfies are driving the Experience Economy today. Instagram and social media.