travelogue – if you want to make God laugh …

If you want to make God laugh,
tell him what your plans are.

                               –  Yiddish proverb

July 30 to Aug 12th hike Assiniboine to O’Hara

Aug 14 … watch Olympics on TV

Aug 22 to 29 – hike West Coast Trail

Sept 2 until Christmas travel South America


Lo will I trek the Andes, documenting them for my hiking website.


Another leave taking for Rick. Is a pattern emerging?

Departing Altadore after a 1-year return stint is not a problem.

We have hired Miguel Constante from Ottawa as men’s Head Coach. I had the job from 1980 – 90. Kelly Manjak from 1990 – 2004. Miguel will be excellent.

Departing my slum lord resident manager job was not problem, either. I will miss the German bakery in Bridgeland, their muesli loaf. The bike ride along river and canal to the gym. The world’s best donair. Proximity to the central library.

Most exciting event of late was my second trip to Dave Adlard’s summer gymnastics camp in Idaho. He had most of us Canuck coaches wanting to move to the USA.


The most exciting event I missed was Joan’s wedding. Because Bill did not pay my travel expenses and a fat honoraria, I was in Idaho instead of the outdoor ceremony at Emma Lake. Congratulations!


I can be excused for not believing the often postponed nuptials actually happened until I saw the wedding photos. As I apologized to Bill by e-mail in advance; your wedding plans are as mysterious to me as JLo’s.

My buddy Ronnie is Rockin’ the book tour. His best selling new cookbook should make him a thousandaire.


The second best competitive sports festival (after the Jack Daniel‘s World Championships of Barbecue) is the Olympics. I plan to camp out by TV & computer for Athens.


fabulous Perdita Felicien

I loved the Salt Lake winter Olympics. This should be far better!

shewfelt_kyle030824Kyle Shewfelt from our gym is through to his second Olympics, a contender for a medal. I am proud of him & will be loudly cheering the other 4 athletes who qualified from Calgary. Anyone who thinks it is easy to get to the Olympics never got there.

When I was a kid, Calgary was the worst gymnastics city in Canada. No more. I am especially happy for Mark Van Wyk, who coached Olympian Adam Wong for his entire career. Mark was a long time Altadore gymnast — I still remember the day his grandfather first brought him to the gym.

I am watching the Tour de France closely. The Lance Armstrong team is impressive. Seems he could continue to win for years to come. No Olympics for Lance, however. He peaks for France.

Para M Athletic X ConnorWe saw the world’s fastest paralympian, Earl Conner, speak in Calgary.

Paralympians are sensitive to their second class status at the Olympics. Most, in fairness, cannot compare with Olympians. But Earl Conner can. What an athlete!

I will be back in Calgary in 2005. No commitments yet. Who wants to make God laugh?

Calgary is again home. The economy is booming. The rednecks are booming.

Calgary is a place that wants lower taxes, less government involvement … except for subsidies for mad cow disease. That is valid government subsidy obviously.

Slashdot posted a good debate on the gun control issue in the USA. More balanced than Bowling for Columbine. The best point, I thought, was that a random car is far more of a threat than a random gun for most of us. Those of you who believe South America is dangerous, should not drive!



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