mapping my hikes & bike trips

For summer 2019 I’ll use the Relive app.

It generates Google Earth videos with the photos you too included.

Here’s an example from the FREE version of the software.

The free version adds a maximum of 10 photos. For up to 50 photos you must join the CLUB which costs US $60 / year.

Mapping works in conjunction with Strava, Runtastic, Endomondo, Garmin Connect, Suunto, Apple Health (Watch), MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, MapMyRide, MapMyHike and Polar Flow.

I might be using the free version of Strava. Otherwise I’ll use Apple Health.


New Macs NEED a hub for cables 😕

One of the main things I dislike about Macs (since 2015) is the lack of ports.

For my new 2019 MacBook Pro I had to buy a Sanho HyperDrive hub. (CDN$ 109.00)

  • HDMI and 4K HDMI
  • 40Gb/s USB-C
  • USB-C
  • SD and microSD
  • 2 x USB 3.1

It’s tiny (80gm) and looks super durable.

If interested, there are several different versions of the HyperDrive hub.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

my TRAVEL computer back-up system

This is the best, smallest and lightest hardware I’ve ever used.

I splurged a bit on the Samsung T5 Portable SSD 1TB USB 3.1 for CDN$ 239.99 all in.

Only 50gms. Almost exactly the same weight as my EarPods & case.

Currently the most popular solid state external hard drive.

I use it as a Time Machine backup for my Mac. AND for additional storage of videos I want to bring with me traveling.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

my GoPro Hero 7 Black set-up

As of May 2019.

I tried and gave up on drones.

I tried and gave up on gimbals.

GoPro works for me. Small. Tough. Durable. Waterproof.

For BikePacking travel I’ll be carrying:

  • two tripod(s) … one a selfie stick
  • Bike handlebar mount
  • Bike helmet mount


  • aspect ratio 16:9 (not 4:3)
  • cool kids like me use 4K/60fps 

Click PLAY or watch a 4K sample on YouTube.

  • zoom is digital — so I won’t often use it
  • HyperSmooth (new video stabilization)
  • Protune is ON
  • once on a trip I’ll turn on QuikCapture (video with one click)
  • time clips (15 or 30 seconds) are useful
  • TimeWarp

For reasons unknown, GoPro stopped supporting their Apple Watch app. I use my watch a lot for iPhone, but will have to use voice control rather than my watch for the GoPro. (There is a 3rd party app called EasyBlack 7 that I might try.)

Click PLAY or watch a sample of Slow Mo on YouTube.


Typically I delete audio replacing it with some soundtrack.

On my last trip I tried using the audio. That can be tricky as the GoPro is not great at audio. It’s not easy to edit audio.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Time Lapse (Hyperlapse) mode

  • I’ll use this occasionally to speed up lengthy videos

Click PLAY or watch a sample on YouTube.


  • SuperPhoto mode
  • photos at 4000×3000 pixels (4×3) default
    • it’s slow, uses a lot of battery, best on tripod
    • I won’t take many photos with the GoPro. The iPhone is better.
  • I won’t use Burst or Continuous photo

This GoPro photo came out as .tiff — huge at 96 MB. When I exported it to .jpg it was still large for web (1280 x 960) at 735 KB. It’s not been edited.

click for larger version

my CURRENT travel camera system

As of May 2019.

Two cameras. The iPhone can be remotely controlled by my Apple Watch 3.

I’m trying to use voice control as much as I can for the GoPro.

I have GoPro attachments on both bike helmet and bike handlebars as well.  All mounts can attach either GoPro or iPhone.

What’s lacking most is the ability to ZOOM with either camera. I MIGHT carry a small camera with zoom, as well. I like zoom for distant animal sightings. And for Gymnastics.

cycling Horne lakes to Port Alberni

For years I’d heard it was possible.

For years I’d heard those roads were blocked. And there are signs on the roads heading west from Horne Lakes Caves saying there is NO through road to Alberni.

Happily, on the gravel road I bumped into a cyclist coming the opposite direction who had just ridden from Port Alberni. He told me it was pretty easy on a bike. The roads are blocked for motor vehicles.

This is logging country. Seems to me the wood left behind is an extreme fire hazard.

I’d originally been headed up trying to find hiking trails near Cherry Creek.

Instead, I decided to wild camp at a lovely spot beside Lacy Lake.

I had trouble keeping my eyes open ’til dark.

Up early with the sun. Enjoyed several mugs of coffee.

This trip was a gear test for longer BikePacking trips. And my system was NOT perfect.

There are many ways to get to Port Alberni. The advice I got was to go as direct as possible. I took this rough trail.

That worked. But it would have been better on a mountain bike than my hybrid.

I came out close to the Motocross Track.

From there on to the lovely Log Train Trail into town.

After a stop at Tim Horton’s I decided to cycle the highway back to my parent’s place in Parksville. It’s busy. Many trucks. But there is a fairly wide shoulder.

The highlight was a stop at Cathedral Grove.