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Tulum – my FAVOURITE beach

Tulum, Mexico, 130km south of Cancun.

I was there in 2006.


At the time it was $6 / night to tent. $12 / night for a concrete cabana.


The only time I ever enjoyed Yoga.


The highlight for me was daily walks to the pre-Columbian Mayan walled city.

By Popo le Chien

Cenotes are another local highlight.

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Sam Kolder – travel vlogger

Sam, from Toronto, is one of the top travel video editors. He got started as the video guy for The Chainsmokers.

I’m studying Sam’s work. He’s a master with the drone.

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Sam spent over 500 hours editing this project. A tribute to his brother.

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My Hiking YouTube channel

We love YouTube. My first upload was Mar 28, 2006.

Google bought the startup November 2006 for US$1.65 billion.

I spun off a hiking YouTube channel Jan 17, 2018.

Finally got it looking good October 2020. I’m studying how to post better videos in future. #CovidGoals

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The best YouTube uploads have dedicated thumbnails like this. The rest show a somewhat random frame of the video.

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Powell River Giant Hulks breakwater

After you finish the 1.2km Willingdon Creek Trail in Powell River, continue walking towards the Pulp Mill — staying as close to the water as you can — and you’ll get some distant views of the largest floating Hulk breakwater in the world.

Very cool.

The breakwater is used to protect the Mill’s log storage pond.

While nine of these ten ships were built during the Second World War, the tenth ship, the S. S. Peralta, is the last remaining WWI concrete ship afloat.

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