music – Dixie Chicks at it again

I’m now following @1NatalieMaines Natalie Maines on twitter. Like me, she’s no fan of Drumpf.

Here’s my original post from 2006 ___

I just saw the new video, ‘Not Ready to Make Nice’.

Love it! What striking images. It’s on heavy rotation on Canadian music video TV.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

If you missed it, the critically acclaimed Dixie Chicks were soundly lambasted for criticizing George Bush in 2003. They alienated their redneck, southern country music fan base.



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0 thoughts on “music – Dixie Chicks at it again”

  1. I think it’s pretty interesting that the Dixie Chicks were so roundly chastized, and yet, 3 years later, the entire nation, nay, the world, is feeling/saying the same things! I hope that apolgies are forthcoming for simply having the foresight (but bad timing) to see and say what they (correctly) knew was going to happen.

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