Video Edits Inspired by a Song

Machine Gun Kelly — play this when I’m gone — inspired Jake Frew’s 2020 pandemic video.

Jake Frew is a master video creator. Right now he’s on a road trip to meet and collaborate with other video editors he admires.

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I loved a song by Girl in Red, the indie pop music project of Norwegian singer-songwriter Marie Ulven Ringheim. The music dictated everything I put into this fan video.

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NO WARS – And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda is the best anti-war song I know. Pete Seeger called it “one of the world’s greatest songs.”

Remind yourself that old men of privilege and power like Putin send young men to needless deaths.

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It was written by Scottish-Australian Eric Bogle in 1969.

Run, Rose, Run by James Patterson & Dolly Parton

Everyone loves Dolly Parton.

And when James Patterson asked if she’d be interested in working together on a book — she was.

If you get the audio book, know that Dolly reads the character of Ruthanna Ryder, a retired country legend who sounds an awful lot like Dolly Parton today.

That said, if you don’t like audio books with multiple readers, you might find this one annoying.

AnnieLee Keyes is the super talented young woman who runs to Nashville with dreams of being the next star.

And things start falling into place.

However, AnnieLee has a dark and secret past. It’s starting to catch up to her.

Dolly has many young fans. There is some profanity, violence and sex in this novel, but far less than any other Patterson book, I reckon.

In conjunction, Dolly released an album of the same name.

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Music in YouTube videos

Back in the 1990s I edited a lot of VHS videos — gak 😕 — and the worst aspect was dealing with audio.

Now that video editing is my hobby, I’m finding that sound design is the most interesting part. Many video creators think it’s the most important part in 2022.

That could be true — BUT many folks watch video on their phones with audio muted. So I also edit to be presentable VIDEO ONLY.

Here’s the best introduction to the topic I’ve seen.

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