review #1 – MacBook

Still using my old Powerbook as the work horse.

But slowly I’m shifting my iLife to the new MacBook laptop. (iLife is music, audiocasts, photos and video.)

Worst thing about the MacBook?

Some of my old software does not work with the MacBook Intel chip.

Best feature?

The Magsafe power connector.


David Pogue, tech columnist at the New York Times, has listed his favorite product features of 2006. This list is all about the small touches on products that really make you think that someone thought about these items before they tried selling them.

One Apple feature made it on the list, and I must agree with the good Mr. Pogue on this one. The Magsafe connector is a marvel of technology. As David points out there is no ‘right side’ on the plug, and it pops out if the cord is jerked instead of dashing your MacBook, or MacBook Pro, on the floor.

Pogue’s Top Ten new product features of 2006 – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

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