Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

I lucked into a tour of the fantastic Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

It’s a world-class, award winning educational facility owned by 5 universities.


Bamfield is a great, remote location for researchers.

Many of their buildings were originally part of an undersea cable system connecting the British Empire.

In 1902, the Bamfield Cable station was constructed as the western terminus of a worldwide undersea cable called by some the All Red Line as it passed only through countries and territories controlled by the British Empire.

The cable initially went to Fanning Island, a tiny coral atoll in the mid-Pacific, and from there continued to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. …

In 1953 the cables were extended up the Alberni Inlet to Port Alberni and station closed on June 20, 1959.

Bamfield – Wikipedia

old cable used in monument

The highlight of the tour for me, however, was the processed wood used in construction of the newest building. Huge beams had been pressed in an eco-friendly process. Gorgeous material.


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