Yoko Ono – Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland

If you’re like me, you like John Lennon’s music and wish he was still making it today.

The Very Best of John Lennon

If you’re like me, you are indifferent about Yoko.

Or even dislike her. “She broke up the Beatles, Man!”

Actually, I am starting to dislike Yoko.

Yoko Ono is set to unveil a ‘light tower’ in Iceland on October 9, on what would have been John Lennon’s 67th birthday.

Ono collaborated with engineers from Iceland and Japan on the Imagine Peace Tower, which she designed to collect “wishes for world peace”.

The tower is a beam of light emanating from a giant wishing well, which features the words ‘imagine peace’ in 24 languages, says the Associated Press.

It will be lit every year from October 9 (Lennon’s birthday) to December 8 – the anniversary of his death.

The tower was built in Iceland because “it is a very eco-friendly country that relies on geothermal energy”, said Ono.

She plans to bury every wish in capsules around the tower, so that the open space will turn into a forest.

Ono says the tower is the “the biggest birthday present I gave to John”.

Yoko Ono set to unveil Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland | News | NME.COM

If she had any style at all, Yoko would stay in the background during celebrations of John’s 67th birthday on Oct. 9th. Let John and his music be centre stage.

Check the official website to see if it’s all about John Lennon –

… Or Yoko?

0 thoughts on “Yoko Ono – Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland”

  1. I do have to share that I feel that yoko ono is doing something wonderful, who else would have done this…and they both shared this dream….she was very close to John and they were inspired by much the same in life…this website is about both of them and I am glad she is doing this in honor of such a great man…lovelight

  2. The only thing that REALLY bugs me about Yoko is her infernal squawking. She didn’t break up the Beatles – they were bound to implode one way or another. Chili peppers in a pressure cooker. As for her inescapable presence when things are being done in John’s name, I think it’s perfectly logical and to be expected. They had a unique and powerful bond and very much considered themselves to be two halves of the same whole. And I think that if I had been some crazy conceptual artist who was tied to the soul of one of the most important musical artists of the twentieth century and he passed away, I would probably continue on as his representative, too. But, yeah, she’s kind of a dingbat but the tower she created is pretty bleeding brilliant. Like, literally. I hope I get to go see it sometime when it’s lit.

  3. Oddly enough, I like Yoko; a very interesting person. Classically trained musician in Japan, family lost it all in WWII. I’m probably the only person in America with the Yoko Ono Box set. Yeah, I know. Whatever.

    Like any artist, there is some music that is really good, and some that I prefer not to hear more than a time or two. But I give her kudos for doing her bit to keep John Lennon’s image, spirit and music alive. She certainly doesn’t NEED to do it for the money.

    The Peace Tower, btw, was imagined and John and Yoko back in 1967, so it’s not like the tower is an idea she dreamed up and tagged Lennon’s name to it.

    And who can really judge an artist, which is what she always has been and continues to be. With art, sometimes you have a consensus as to what it good and what is not but as often as not that consensus has political overtones. With art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Or as John said, “Fuck art. Let’s dance.”

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