Middlesex wins most important prize in literature

Middlesex is a novel by Jeffrey Eugenides. It was published in 2002 and was selected the summer 2007 must read for Oprah’s Book Club.

A Novel

Middlesex: A Novel

Just finished listening to it on MP3. Excellent.

The narrator and protagonist, Calliope Stephanides (later called “Cal”), an intersexed person of Greek descent …

Born a girl, he lives his live as a man.

The books jumps between the story of his coming-of-age and his immigrant family history.

New to me in this book was the horrific description of the Great Fire of Smyrna (1920). I’ve often wondered why Greeks and Turks are such mortal enemies. It’s because of atrocities like this: up to 360,000 Anatolian Greeks killed in the Pontic Greek Genocide during and after WW I.

It’s from this horror that Cal’s grandparents (brother and sister) escape to Detroit, Michigan.

Middlesex is entertaining and fascinating from start to finish. Extremely well written, yet very down-to-Earth and accessible. It would make a terrific movie.

The author Jeffrey Eugenides teaches at Princeton.


Mighty Hermaphrodite – NY Review of Books

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