Time and Tide by Peter Grainger

Everyone at Kings Lake Central police station has been expecting DC Smith to finally retire.

And it seems he’s on his last case.

It’s a murder on the Norfolk saltmarshes.

As the team from Kings Lake uncover his story, they reveal another, much older one with its origins far back in the previous century. In the tide that governs the affairs of men, it seems, love and loss, betrayal and revenge are timeless themes.


The actual whodunnit is secondary to the police procedural machinations. The interpersonal relationships.

I do like the narrator of the DC Smith audio books – Gildart Jackson.

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

A Visit from the Goon Squad is a 2011 Pulitzer Prize-winning work of fiction by American author Jennifer Egan.

… a set of thirteen interrelated stories with a large set of characters all connected to Bennie Salazar, a record company executive, and his assistant, Sasha.  …

Original. Well written. Well researched. BUT I only got halfway through.

Egan is a great writer. But this book centers on mostly self-destructive characters none of whom I liked nor related with.

I’ve had it with narratives with only unlikable characters — for example, Succession on TV.

When published in 2010 nobody liked this book aside from critics. I’m not surprised.

This is a book about aging.

The most impressive thing about the first 60% of this book 😀 for me was her take on how people age. It has a nonlinear chronology with different character’s point of view at different times of life.

This was also depressing.

Trivia ~ Jennifer Egan once dated Steve Jobs.

Missing Pieces by Peter Grainger

Missing Pieces (2021) is set in the same fictional world as Grainger’s DC Smith — but Smith doesn’t actually appear in this novel. He’s mentioned. Often.

I enjoyed this book. It’s a slow burn. Not much action. Plenty of detail on how murder investigations are conducted.

As the first anniversary of the formation of the Kings Lake murder squad approaches, there is a problem—they’ve run out of murders.

As a result, they are given the task of reviewing unsolved cold cases. One of these comes back to life in unexpected ways as the team try to discover the identity of the young woman whose body was found in the Norfolk countryside two decades ago.

And even if they can give her a name, how can they possibly find her killer after so many years?

NEW Book about YouTube

Like, Comment, Subscribe: Inside YouTube’s Chaotic Rise to World Domination

A good book. Interesting and entertaining.

By Mark Bergen, a technology reporter at Bloomberg.

Published Sept 2022.

The biggest surprise was learning that YouTube’s algorithm actually kept most of Trump’s BIG LIE from getting promoted in early 2021. They were ready.

YouTube did a surprisingly good job of not promoting vaccine misinformation, as well.

You can find that stuff on YouTube, for sure. But it’s not being massively promoted for money.

As FREE enterprise, YouTube is FREE to post and promote whatever they want.

I’ve removed monetization from all my videos and websites.

If you eliminate ads and ad-driven algorithms, most social media problems disappear.

Google is a great search engine but I find YouTube to be quite lousy at listing either popular, quality, or related videos. Search for any topic you know well. Disappointing.

I spend a couple of hours most days on YouTube. No ads as I pay CAD$12 / month for YouTube Premium.

YouTube was super disorganized right from the start.

After Google bought the video site and made it #1, problems evolved as millions of “creators” devised hacks to make money off the site.

Despite all its growth and success, YouTube has been widely criticized.

Criticism of YouTube includes the website being used to facilitate the spread of misinformationcopyright issuesroutine violations of its users’ privacyenabling censorship, and endangering child safety and wellbeing. …

YouTube released a mobile app known as YouTube Kids in 2015, designed to provide an experience optimized for children. …

YouTube removed public display of dislike counts on videos in November 2021, claiming the reason for the removal was, based on its internal research, that users often used the dislike feature as a form of cyberbullying and brigading. …

… public access to YouTube is blocked in many countries, including ChinaNorth KoreaIranSyriaTurkmenistan, Uzbekistan,TajikistanEritreaSudan and South Sudan. …

related – Nilay Patel – Everyone knows what YouTube is — few know how it really works

Lightning Strike by William Kent Krueger

Lightning Strike is a prequel to Kruger’s Cork O’Connor series.

It follows Cork in his adolescence, shortly before he turns thirteen, the year before his father is killed in the line of duty.

There are mysterious deaths at the heart of the story, of course, but it also explores the relationship Cork had with his father, which shaped him significantly in becoming the man who occupies center stage in the series. …

Have Space Suit—Will Travel (1958) – by Robert Heinlein

I’m sure I read this when I was a teenager. I read a lot of Heinlein at the time.

It’s a young adult classic.

Have Space Suit—Will Travel … was nominated for a Hugo Award in 1959 and won the Sequoyah Children’s Book Award for 1961. …

High school senior Clifford “Kip” Russell is determined to get to the Moon, but the price of a ticket is far beyond his reach. His father suggests he enter an advertising jingle-writing contest; first prize is an all-expenses-paid trip there. Instead, he wins a used space suit

… He is shocked when a flying saucer lands practically on top of him. An 11-year-old girl (Peewee) and an alien being (the “Mother Thing”) flee from it, but all three are quickly captured and taken to the Moon. …

The Rags of Time by Peter Grainger

Book 6 of the police procedural series featuring DC Smith, the aging cop who refuses to retire. After his wife died, he wants to keep busy and relevant.

After a few weeks off for minor knee surgery, the old man returns — grumpy.

He is feeling his age, both physically and mentally and that he no longer really fits in, even his sense of humour is subdued …


I read these books for Smith’s humour.

Therefore this was the least satisfying of the series, so far. Smith was too grumpy to be amusing.

Lord Edgware Dies by Agatha Christie

“… ingenious crime puzzle and a still more ingenious solution …


Published 1933, this was the last of Christie’s books to be openly antisemitic.

She used the “N” word, too, in many of her books.

It gives us an indication of when racism started to become unfashionable in British pop culture. Part of the backlash against Hitler.

Northern Spy by Flynn Berry 

A producer at the BBC and mother to a new baby, Tessa is at work in Belfast one day when the news of another raid comes on the air.

The IRA may have gone underground in the two decades since the Good Friday Agreement, but they never really went away, and lately bomb threats, security checkpoints, and helicopters floating ominously over the city have become features of everyday life.

As the news reporter requests the public’s help in locating those responsible for the robbery, security footage reveals Tessa’s sister, Marian, pulling a black ski mask over her face.

The police believe Marian has joined the IRA, but Tessa is convinced she must have been abducted or coerced …


I was impressed at how skillfully this book is constructed.

Well done, Flynn Berry.

LIBBY App – Listen to Library Audio Books

I listen to audio books pretty much every day.

Though I have an Audible account (12 books / year) I spend far more time on the Libby app. I’m coming up to 500 audio books borrowed, so far.

I can read 2-3 books a week at 150% normal speed.

Once I put a popular book on “HOLD” — wait time does seem to be increasing. So I recently added a second library to the app. Now I can put up to 60 books on hold: 30 for each library.

Bottom line … I LOVE THE LIBBY APP.

And I do donate to the libraries.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.