defending the US auto industry

Robert Scoble lays out a road map for turning around GM, Ford and Chrysler:

Why I love the US auto industry

It almost sounds feasible.

(He avoids mentioning their crippling Union contracts.)

The last paragraph is the most important:

… I met a former executive from Mercedes Benz (Daimler Chrysler). He said they built a car in Germany and built the same one in China and the one in China had fewer defects. Do NOT assume that the Chinese won’t take over the entire world in car production in the next 15 years. You will be proven horribly wrong if you assume that.


It’s more likely the American Big 3 will collapse badly, That China (already the third biggest producer of vehicles in the world) will take a big market share in North America.

It’s inevitable that Chinese cars will eventually be allowed into Canada and the USA.

Chery A1
Chery A1

China’s biggest homegrown automaker, Chery Automobile, has cars on sale in Germany for the first time, though in re-badged form …

Among them, the Chery’s A1 mini-car has been renamed as City and priced at €8,999 (77,534 yuan) …

The prices of these cars are 30 to 80 percent higher than China’s prices, according to the report. …


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