books, dead to me

dead tree books are dead to me

The newspaper industry is shrinking.

Book publishers are hurting badly.

Some feel the next big thing is eBooks. (The Kindle is sold out until February.) But I don’t want a Kindle. It’s not much better than the book I have sitting unread on my bedside table.

I don’t want to “read”.

I like audible books.

Listening to books while I’m walking, biking, on the bus.

Sadly, there’s only one main distributor of audible books …


And — since they were bought by Amazon last March — I’m not sure how quickly Audible is going to bring the books I want to MP3. Their selection is too limited for me.

I’m happy to pay $12 for an audio copy of a book I want … but they won’t produce an audio version of most books. No wonder publishers are failing.

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